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nom: soda cans?

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it doesnt happen on low quality gear
theres a guitar amp hum in SRV's little wing like that
i love the shit out of this track but scream isnt a great producer, heh
good performance dj
damn '09

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oh wtf @ 320kbps in the mix
audible thats cd quality
acoustic engineers with magic ears who can ABX distortion at levels supposedly below human perception are fine with 320kbps, cant tell diff
champi0n: how often did you pick 128kbps?
basically if you never picked 128 kbps, you did perfect
you got 5/6, then
ha, i got one wrong
because there are artifacts in the actual master that mp3 didnt reproduce
thats kind of an issue
better speakers and better encoding can make a lot of material sound much worse
like, i use this track to test speakers...
the better the speakers, the worse the artifacts in the vocal reverb sound

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prob around 16k, or waaaaaaaaaay less than half of the last octave on a log scale
damn, 15k now
gettin old
anyway, last octave dont matter, and you can still hear most of it
youre missing basically 1/20 of the entire spectrum

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so the solution ends up being skate parks and metal shit on all edges and rails
sculptor: its a foofy medium-art retail establishment, those almost look like part of the display
if you dont like shit like that, end homelessness
truth is, you cant really, not in any kind of free nation, but you can make it rare

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personally, im not a fan of smelly homeless bums playing FPS in the library study areas
but its a public school so republicans probably already see it as a homeless shelter
haha, 7-eleven BLASTS classical music where the bums used to camp out to beg/harass/intimidate people trying to slurpee in peace
works, they dont hang there anymore
i kinda think they look cool
yeah its called homeless shelters and social welfare programs
yeah fuck all that
those spikes are prob $10 each
remodelling a store front like that prob $10k minimum
this isnt much diff than gluing random metal shit to rails and benches to keep skaters off them
does it work as well as giving skaters a skate park? it works better, because skaters will skate your shit on the way to and back from the skate park

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what is this
its so people dont sit and bums dont sleep
the business owner problably is
its not really their job to take care of the homeless
well, so is sleeping in front of someone business
i mean, if youre desperate and its less cold there, but its still not the business owners job to take care of the homeless
this is a city administration problem, not a business owner problem
in this city their trying to make homeless people sitting or laying on the sidewalk illegal
so they can just put homeless people in jail
spikes on a window sill seem like a better solution, honestly
id rather have the homeless in parks than being a tripping hazard and causing problems with businesses
homeless shelters would be ideal, but fat chance many more of those would happen here

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is this picture game?

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