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thats diff, its rubbery
its maybe RTV? shrug

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jess-: kinda
hot glue across the connections for strain relief is usually not as bad idea, too much in something like that might cause thermal issues
ah, white glue, glue stuff

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needs hot glue
just cut off an inch of glue stick and put on top of module, hit with heat gun
take pics

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basically in university, you say radians
in community college, you say two pi
lots of KVL and KCL

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jero32: electronics math is fun until you add sine waves
im like 2/3 the way through this class like, semiconductors 1, have yet to do anything in time domain
same shit as community college, figure out dc operating bits, convert reactive components into resistors at some freq, insert into small signal model
small signal model is basically transistor man

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jero is a marijuana native

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sculptor: appliance feet tear that shit up
and if the glue wears out, they feel funny under foot
yeah you just have to be careful while moving stoves and fridges

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