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neat, i figured out spice npn() and pnp() models enough to get ltspice to match pencil calcs
i think this means i can make spice models from transistor curve trace shit

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works now
20 min not too bad

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mfkr fusion360 updating license shit, says my license is processing
cant upload shit with trial version

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heh @ safety car in texas rain

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sounds like an opportunity for jobs to me
nascar probably full electric by 2030

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internal combustion engine

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how much load is an open starter on an ICE?
seems like you just run starters with bearings that can deal with being connnected 100% of the time, and drop the solenoid on spur gear setup
you could engine brake through the drivetrain like that, too
actually why arent the starter and alternator the same thing? its almost 2020
wait what?
oh like with direct injection motors?
haha thats such a ballsy hack
i think ICE are going to get smaller and smaller until theyre basically emergency battery charge generators

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fuck phones

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tv is too complicated im glad its basically dead
snompus = fake parts

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