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i want it to be true
the webcam in the debris detail was fucking awesome
rab where are my china shifters
Import Customs Clearance Completed
Destination DC Departure CA
does this mean they got on the boat or off the boat!?
estimated delivery is between tomorrow and nov 20

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i cant buy riot supplies from the dnc? damn, good to know
he didnt send my 1099 and now my taxes are all fucked up
shrug, their strategy to keep search relavant seems to be adding NO DONT DOESNT NOT to the original headlines

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thats fake?
thats shit is from last week
post that link

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i think its because sometimes the pulled steel mesh on the side near the wheel gets pushed out into the spokes sometimes
honestly none of this seems very danger, im only afraid of the welds to the headset tube breaking and smashing me into handlebars, and nothing to indicate that is going to happen

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rab: bike cart popped out 5 spokes =\
not sure it was that critical, the wheels seems oddly resilient
the thing is basically a spoke fatigue test fixture, boss kids looking into bigger spokes, looks like theyd fit
alot of the remaining spokes were loose

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rab: that thing looks awesome
rab: amp with 7 of those, 3 for the remote psu, 4 for the stereo speaker outs
and two on each speaker, ofc
pfft, id prob be promoted to CTO at an audiophool company

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