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last class this week
cnc and pcb weekend
i think china tracking says my shifters are through customs in cali and on their way but who knows
maybe can rebuild bike in a week

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gonna hit the forklift
they should just keep that thing outside
get it a cover

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its debian
depends for what and preference, but anything apt pretty much acts like debian

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its prob like 3 watts

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blackmoon: i dont think that fits my dropouts
also so many unsprung weight
hub motors are like, sci-fi yay, real life no way
blackmoon: two of those would be sweet

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fusion360 wants me to two factor login
some mfkr is gonna steal my cam and be productive?

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that mfkr lilo had an idea, and its lived long past him, so i guess that guy did okay
weak op, i trolled #slackware until they banned *!*@*.rr.com and kicked a huge chunk of the channel
he just told me to stoppit and go play in my little chan
its still mostly the one guy, no?
debian is pretty cool for pretty much anything
debian is prob most useful distro knowledge to have
if i need a clicky gui i can ubuntu and its pretty much same shit

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i believe its a registration status
i havent logged in to my regged acct in forever so i cant talk in a lot of chans
but mostly im there for a little social chan where it doesnt matter
yeah linuxcnc turned into regged channel
i need to reset the password or who knows
cheater: hes way more active there, for like a decade
i think seeing me gives him avr lower register flashbacks
macgyver0: its an open source resource
shit is like 15 years old, and i dont know of any other open source specific networks, im sure they are some but theyre not huge

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ask in freenode
he spends time there when he isnt dead and there are more active people there

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kind of matches my rear wheel
like, i have a disc freehub in the back and no disk brake mount

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meh i think i buy this, else i have to wait for next round of scrappy bikes from cops and get lucky

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