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macgyver0: i use putty tray for the clicky links, its not perfect i havent touched configs in years besides some usb serial port stuff, shrug
theres a missing period in that
if you find something interesting let the channel know

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yeah i been using tmux about a year, i like it

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fucking comcast, and wtf irssi if the server doesnt like you why you keep connecting to that one, theres like 10 servers in the list

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how is that even specific to guys?
hairy smelly girls are a thing, and the gays tend to be stereotyped as pretty clean

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no im basically some kind of social anarchist, which apperently makes me more american than most
but yeah, i think people can fuck who they want and dress how they want, do whatever to their own body if its not hurting anyone
and if someone has a problem with that they can get fucked
basically if you want to shut down someone rights because they make you feel awkward or because of your religious belief or some belief in nationalist culture, youre a problem
shrug, girl butts dont feel bad so it doesnt seem like theres a huge loss or anything

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eh, it shouldnt matter
'born like this' is a fucked up justification and borderline eugenics
its also pretty non inclusive
the real answer is freedom, and fuck your religious beliefs if thats the problem
okay so youre a trollbitch lobbing bombs because you dont care about the outcome or who it effects
got it
seems like thats what youre saying, but it would be typical to take an argument and deny that its your argument so ill accept that answer

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blackmoon: i wouldnt trust the bolts to not wear the hdpe
i think bolts to strap plates w/ tooth washers, and then spacers opposite the plates
yeah but it would loosen and that would effect the contact resistance
unless you has a bolt to mount the strap plates under the hdpe, than whatever thats fine
i just wouldnt trust the hdpe to clamp the plates on something vibrating
oh, right
yeah it would just be kinda big
yeah stud and two nuts
skinny nuts prob fine

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actually, i wonder if airflow would be better with worse thermal transfer
sounds like something someone should test
why cany you just use the strap plates as spacers?
you can delrin across the gaps or something
you could prob just use spacers on the gap side
i think spacers like in link and strap plates would be enough

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not like there is a 'normal' serial cable
well, theres like 3 normal versions
those lugs look nice for diy packs
@ lugs or three standard serial cables?
copper strips and drill prob makes a lot of sense for most packs
like, rectangle with two rows of holes
hot glue gonna suck for thermal
they prob make spacers for these cells
you dont need anything!
i wonder if air flow is better

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that is not beyond description, its a frog dog bus ball

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what is the front!?
i guess you pick one of the biggest faces?

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neat, that makes sense

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still havent bought a ups
feels like buying bunch of dead batteries
i think a power surge took out my wrt54gl's wifi
wouldnt you want to match the charging circuits in the ups?
or its so bad it doesn't matter

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