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veegee: truth, youll get used to it
they drivers are diff, or theyre installed slight diff, youll get used to it and itll prob be fine

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00:03:48 < Sculptor> do they use jacks with switches
i think the normal trick is to use the switch contact as a pullup

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most jack switch methods are not good for long term happiness
they fail more than normal TRS jacks
true solution

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jack switches

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thats the real shit
usually okay
plastic is always something softer, lower temp vs pomona

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synth: yes exactly

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sculptor: not at all
the springiness of the metal is probably biggest performance impact

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blackmoon: what makes a brake lever specifically for women?
i got a girl brake?
maybe little lever or closer lever
girls and kids get better sneaker colors
kids get velcro, i want velcro

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heh @ four bang good trucks showing up with windmill

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