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worst case i pay for used wheel from work, super cheap anyway

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it has cane creek headset now, and frame is designed in california, so should be pretty standard
yeah i guess im going to mount thumb throttle inside the shifters
so like, gotta rear over
*reach over
i really like my clamp on grips
like, i wore the last ones down to the hard plastic sleeves, were still pretty awesome
yeah i got non-combo stuff, because hydraulic front, cable back, and save space
i got acera trigger shifters and little cable brake levers, prob save an inch vs the integrated things
ebay shit is way cheaper than amazon
i hope i dont have to lace a new wheel

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i think it might just be lube
for the air coils
its only 5ml
and little tiny high pressure pumps
but right the fake one i got has coil spring, oil damper, non-remote lockout
no v brake posts
so im going to have to find a disk from hub or wheel
im going to ask bike job boss if i can trade him like, all my current shit for the disk wheel
rear v brake, front tekro hydraulic
they have two cheap ones, the cheaper one like $30
and i dont think its fake but it might be
i dont care as long as it works long enough
hopefully headset fits

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blackmoon: https://www.sram.com/rockshox/products/xc-30
i got that in 26", that size not there but shipping from hong kong so either old, oem, or fake
coils w/ oil damper, like $75 after 15% discount
its prob legit, it would cost as much to fake it and have it look same
was last one w/ ~250mm steerer length
yeah i dunno
i have a disc brake coming, too
yeah its prob a tiny tube
mine? no i dont think so
or like they are diff? shrug
yeah thats for air coils

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blackmoon: pretty sure that vid is as old as me in college
so over this shit
in news from the real world, followed up after phone interview with my audio industry bubble
went well
as expected, everyone too busy to deal with the recruiters questions because in china

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_unreal_ already won this argument
something something, illegals voted
heh @ electronics i
first design project: full wave rectifier
you have to also design half wave
i mean, this isnt like, design a voltage divider, but this is basically design a voltage divider
i got fancy i simulated 1.8 uF AND 1.0 uF || 1.0 uF in case i cant find a 1.8 uF

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