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he doesnt like it
2k sample depth not great but def usable

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rab blackmoon sculptor macgyver0 tecan
thoughts? ^
timecop: also
not on their site

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then they do the work shuffle around new years, everybody gets a new job, and all your assembly line training in the trash can
like, they advertise it low, and as a percentage with no time range
if its there at all, it means if there are problems you will live in china

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lots of big companies doing the restructuring thing
not really, in the sense that its not fraudulent
like 90% of kickstarter shit is a failure
investors typically have some idea of whats involved, in terms of talent and resources required
but kickstart contributors have no ideas
like, basically shit gets funded and theres like zero business plan and zero manufacturing plan
maybe zero design plan
its always low because engineers sick of babysitting

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i think ad said 10%
10% usually means 5-50%, but that's the job
no like % time traveling
the way it really works tho is you spend a lot of concept/alpha at home, and a lot of beta/production in china
so the 10% might be 6 weeks all at once
harmon got jobs

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timecop: like theyre paying you and running out of money
or like they havent paid you and a deadline is soon
ah well, if youve gotten some money out of them, what more can you expect from a dickstarter
company paid?
i did recruiter phone interview, and at end she was like MANAGER WOULD LIKE TO INTERVIEW SOON BUT HES IN CHINA
so if that works out, i likely be in china

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