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i kind of want the hard triangle
they have a sac with velcros on all the sides
its oversized so you can put other shit in it

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they definitely felt more hardcore then normal tire, like under the tread, not much flex
i think i lost my helmet

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rab: theyre weird
the tires, theyre not like circular profile as much as oval, so contact patch is all in the little continuous center bit
but when i lean it feels like it almost falls onto the shoulder
like, dirt tires it feels like it kind of climbs up onto the shoulder
holy rollers neat because profile felt totally circular, could not feel any transition between straight up and leaning

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anyway, dems will pwn congress and they can just point HAARP at middle texas

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HVAC is like the only thing people fix anymore
and cars
magic chef clothes dryer arrived
takes awhile but shit works, clothes are floofy again
truth, mad HCAV tech jobs in every city ive lived in
HVAC and commercial driving
the AC techs prob last longer
south texas was really pretty, like socal, looks like itd be fine in a drought
got that semi-arid brush and sparse trees thing going for it

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no, it is a one way transaction

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