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timecop: theyre scared of the machine

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but thats like 3mo lost time on this stupid pcb
i think im just going to make this a UI pcb and put some sexy hirose FPC to a discovery dev board breakout PCB
also the $2.50 allpcb boards are basically same as the $25 4pcb boards
allpcb boards are bright green, 4pcb is that faded green
timecop: basically they paid more for these PCB than i got paid all summer
that takes like 20 minutes

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timecop: yeah hud thing went away
oh wtf bug
timecop: it was checked, like when i unchecked and check, it would dim out apply
so i close and HUD is back
whatever is there now, thx
sometimes extra hud
fuckin school project, sponsor company contact left and got new job
which explains quiet over summer

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timecop: i updated altium, where did the little info window go
in the top left, the one says relative location from last click
whats it called!?

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cheater: i dunno but my guess is both?
like, hard edges in the microns range will interact with wavelength, so besides the lighting angle and spectrum, the geometry will have a lot to do with it

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thats part of it, but some wafers just look like junk
or like, colors are from drips or splashes
theres probably more magical angles to hang them
stand in entryway or doorway or something, turn until something cool happens, VHB to wall

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because some are probably find, were used in product but arent needed anymore
and other are probably bad etches or otherwise ruined, and cant be used
*probably fine

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theyre prob on sale because theyre scrap
scrap can mean old revisions or manufacturing fuckups

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kevtris: prob not like 936
rework tools prob sell orders of magnitude less than assembly line soldering irons
936 were cheap forever because they were sold by factories in like 100 lots
and i think those are mostly used up
easier to just get an aoyue
i like that tube tip
all my tools ending up in engineering capstone project room at school
now everything that wasnt tagged on every face with my initials is

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i think xps 12 is done, tho
or maybe i just get older xps 13
new thinkpads sexy enough i maybe consider lenovo again, like an idiot, but cant afford it
i think the damping from the oring and air might keep the epoxy from shattering
yeah 10 pults in a row and its still pulting
supposedly this shit is 3kw, but should be able to limit in controller
mostly i want headroom on power rating
naw they awesome, except when they dump out a bunch of random solder and debris all over your populated board
which is like, all the fucking time
i dont have wick
nearest frys is like 100 miles away
no wick and a bust up soldapult
i used to have two

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something inside my soldapult broke
the shaft and seal assembly deteched from the part that coupled it to the spring
dunno what the broke part the fell out does, but i seem to have fixed it with epoxy
holy shit, clear epoxy, i can see where its sheering, 2nd use
theres a law?
continental rates them e25 and e50
e50 is 25 km/h rated but compatible with some shit they make
dunno if i want to ebike my shit or get some sort of laptop
xps 12 tablet looks neat
surface go, too

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rab: yeah theres maybe 4 tires, same kevlar and multirubber construction, e0bike rated to 25kph
i can fucking ride at 25kph without a motor, shrug

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