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haaaa, totally

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the_gfr|w: its not as low as it was there, meanwhile our wages are stagnebt or decreasing
obvious outcomes are obvious

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how is that not already the plan?
did the foxconn factory not work out?
not even two weeks ago
so china will profit off of our low wage labor

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looks like they glue two pieces with the arch bit stuck in, and then saw it
doesnt look skinned, water jet is drama for shoes
doesnt look pinched like die cut, but maybe they just good

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theres like, foot layer, tread layer, and then arch layer in the middle, all diff density, and tread layer almosy has a density gradient
actually maybe i stomped the gradient into them, shrug
i think this was a sandwich and then pressed into final cupper shape
these like, medium level REI shit
besides the arch from the foam bit sandwich, looks like i put all the cupped features and foam gradients into them

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i bet foam injection molding is way less drama than plastic
closed cell high density, nerfy
weird on my nice flipflops, i cant see any of the cells
i think the bottom layer might be a non foam low density rubber, and mater to super high density foam versions of same stuff
hard to see transitions, seems sawn, not skinned like wire cut
hmm yeah maybe my flipflops are neoprene sandwich

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kevtris: i saw a machine for cutting big foam blocks like that
huge gantry, they were using it to make set props, random giant marketing things
like they would cut layers and stack them, i guess it could do angles, was a pretty funny shop
well basically
i dont think they painted in that shop, giant white things everywhere
machine was big, maybe 10x10' envelope
i imagine it was cutting with like, a long thin loop of wire or some sort of hot knife tool

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i think its usually die cut
the big polystyrene stuff, like for TVs, is injection molded

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