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even if its a good avocado tree i dont think they do much until theyre way big. stuff at store comes from huge trees

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friend has avo tree, was all bent and sad when he moved in, is better now but just makes these tiny tiny avos
that sucks
his avo tree only like 6ft tall so prob has decades to go

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he got super into it
like, dug up his yard, replaced with dirt he got from simi farmer, mixed it up with whatever his gardening book said to
simi valley, like 5mi from san fernando valley, more farms
lots of LA cops live in simi valley, thats why they moved the rodney king trial there
i like rocks and succulents
you need a lemon tree for perfect salsa garden

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very nice
when my friend was growing habaneros and cherry tomatoes, we did a salsa naranja, came out tasty
just added some salt

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or pulleys, fuck pulleys

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rab: omg hi
hopefully you are not also doing calculus

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