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yeah escape room always a good idea

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do you practice modulating them?
like, basically getting them to lock up or almost and then coming off a bit real quick
like, my gut reaction to crazy shit in the road is to get super hard into the brakes, if tires lock, back off a bit
then once youre as slow as you can get before hitting whatever, come off brakes and steer
you have to do everything gradual enough so that you dont completely unload the front tires before steering
right my general rule is only go as fast as you can see
always assume there is a bike rider on the other side of the turn

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they probably couldnt tune the energy recovery vs rear brakes properly so they just backed the fuck off and said fuckit
if they even really tested it, or if they even had performance targets to test against
bumpers falling off in the rain suggests they didnt do much testing, or they just ignored the test results they had to ship on time.
it was inconsistent and worse than everyone else
they fixed it with firmware, proving they didnt need to leave the factory like that
they got test issues, performance target issues, or ethical issues
new truck have more power?
doesnt really matter if its geared low
yeah tires will do it
yeah, first rain in LA is always lots of accidents
my sister couldnt even drive in puddles

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how come they chose to release a car with worst in class brakes?
rogan is basically a social show, see how musk deals with a intellectual meathead stoner
shrug, its a public company, he likely wont be running it much longer
he makes more sense as a CTO at this point
and his twitter access should be through a handler
people are probably going to be laid off over the losses
which he will probably call 'performance firings'

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im not the biggest fan, but he wouldnt be bad conversation
i dont think a convo with dore would go anywhere
about electric cars, sure
you know what he would have asked if he was smart?
same angle?
how come tesla's nurburgring times are so shit?
how come tesla won't race? faraday future races

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dore is an entertainer selling tickets
hes not a good source of information and his analysis is honestly really weak
his cohosts tow his line, always, literally always
i dont think hed admit to being wrong
anyway, maddow is right sometimes
maddow is a better source for information than dore
thats how bad dore is
shes crazy smart
shes bought, but she can run a show
she was a hero to everyone that cant stand her now
and they all cant stand her, me included, because she was ridic biased for hillary
so is he
he wanted dems to lose
this is what he wanted
he thinks this was the path to destroying the dem party
kids dying in group homes because parents wanted refuge status?
worth it, to dore
syre but i dont think he is any sort of leader or honest source of information
and i think joe rogan is more entertaining, honestly
people that pay for his shows prob do
and his cohosts def do

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them together was entertaining, but for example, they want to talk about alex jones, they both assume jones has never said anything legally or literally incorrect, and run the convo off that assumption
no dore is getting paid to be angry and pissed off, and he has never cared to much about facts or alternative but plausible analysis
dores thing is making an assumption despite many more likely ones, and then doing a pissed off segment based on his assumption as if its the only sane possibility
i like him so its pretty sad he doesnt seem to give a shit about reality versus selling standup tickets
well, thats the thing
just because russia isnt why hillary lost doesnt mean russia is our friend across the board
and thats basically his angle
like, the concept of hillary being a shit, and russia interference being a problem does not compute to him
im like, mfkr how abhout both things are a fucking problem, and we dont want election interference
we dont want russians interfering in ours, and we dont want to interfere in others
the correct mindset is to stop election interference
dores mindset is it doesnt matter because thats not why hillary lost
and everyone does it
and that absolutely is a putin talking point

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yeah those things are 10A rated
a lot of them use XLR as a power connector
genuine XLR doesnt have the voltage or cururent rating for that kind of shit
jiggawatz: joe rogans role isnt really to be intelligent, tho
his role is to be normal joe, asking questions
jiggawatz: have you watched very many of his shows?
having musk on wouldnt be super technical in the context of his normal shows
its basically what happens when a smart mfkr hangs out with an intellectual meathead, its social
that sounds like some stoner shit
rogan is a lot like jimmy dore, if they dont have facts in front of them, they fuck them up a lot

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honestly that just means musk is a shit communicator
which is normal for engineers, but corporate suicide for a CEO
joe rogan isnt stupid, he just hangs out with a lot of meatheads
like when presented with logical arguments, he understands the diff between bullshit and what makes sense, and he wants to learn and be grounded in fact
but a lot of his guests are idiots so that logical argument just doesnt happen in a lot of his hsows

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obviously bread is worth the danger

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duck gives a shit
about bread
because bread is <3

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i think google drive local filesystem shit might be broken
wasnt before they changed it

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