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faraday future races
not sure what you mean by overtake, in sales?
because their ring times suck
if you count hybrids are tesla even huge?
the roadster was their most influencial car
it got other companies to do shit

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like asking why you would put amps in speakers
its not the idealest, but its pretty ideal
it makes it more like a standard car part in that you just connect two big wires and a little harness plug
as risky as making of video of it
naw honestly i doubt they did a ton on purpose
right i dont think they think a ton about DFM
and now its fucking them
plus bumpers fall off in the rain
because i dont think they test well
who knows

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its not like a 4ft tube of plasma

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leaf modules are LiMn
i dunno chevy volt uses it too
bit safer
more capacity than lifepo4
lifepo4 seems safest according to internets

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thats why i like the nissan leaf things
yeah theyre a bit spendy but the package is cool
6 of them prob like $480

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if it came in two half size i would get it
kind of want a little spot welder

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30A in parallel
in series, try not to burn off balls
i kind of want to get that 48v 30kw motor setup and run it at 36v
thats cool
save my batteries
i wont be getting anything for a few weeks
i need to test my motor selection software with wheel objects
i only made sure leadscrew work
looks like close to $1k for decent battery and motor kit
yeah im looking at mostly those
youre thing is too long

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36v 10aH, you can wire it up for sensible long term use, or mad fuckit power
two of them
two of these

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very nice
there are smaller batteries like that on ebay
also i might get 36v battery just so motor never pushed to hard

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blackmoon: come back
blackmoon: where is the place you bought your motor sbike stuff?
omg i am drunk
time to code
not this place, right?

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did they have clothes on?
if they have clothes on how is it much diff than tetherball

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