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sculptor: neat

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4mi bike ride = folgers special roast, decidely not that bad
half mile = hippy coop, okay single origin light roasts, almost 2x cost im guess, not as good as personal light roasts
and my back hurts
i lifted a hangar of drying socks, was not good

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rab: why did bro in law not need it anymore?
are there better options!?
i need coffee, reserves are depleted
1mi bike ride = folgers classic, aka cigarette butts and bourbon

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if i dont get evicted before school loan money happens, i maybe pick one up
seems like decent long term buy

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but your hands might touch
no touching
old door ram turned too many police gay
fuck my back just did a thing
i need a new chair i think
this one like 12 years old and one of the arm screws broke and now it has a slight lean to the back
someone selling an aeron local for $100 but im too broke
eat spicy food
you have to kill the food first
id pay $200
dx <3s his, too
and dx got some biological structural issues

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i was going to ask but i decided both
i like how the key is made for two people and has hand guard in front
thats normal for Eons
ive original ones in venice, all exposed metal including grills rusted to shit, still worked
they should shit when overdriven, which seems to be almost always, but they dont break, or old ones didnt
K series killed on looks, too
blackmoon: if it does right through the door you might hurt your hands
also it might slip because doesnt have that 20 grit coating on the end

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blackmoon: thats already where speakers are at
its pretty idealized, most performance gains are from process now
like, materials, glues, assembly procedures
neo is expensive and the geometry is diff
but a lot of big stuff is neo, its just not very common
like, the shit is going to be heavy regardless
like, some of the plastic speaker buckets use neo drivers
the motors are more like tweeters and headphone drivers than typical woofers
something like that

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then somehow replace the sprung suspension with a sliding one
faster laser
and its prob just be for sub systems anyway
like maybe some sort of giant delrin plug
too much mass
basically you want all the mass to be the coil copper and kapton former
mount laser to back plate
need absolute distance
because dropping the self centering suspension

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its a fast laser sensor, like four of five dollar signs, pretty sure
i think the ones for speaker measurement were configurable up to 1khz
maybe 10khz, but i think just 1khz
light source and positioning seem like an issue
can just fire a laser down the vent in the pole
laser down the pole, bounce off the dust cap, track one variables

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like, near field measurements with a port mic is sexiest low freq measurement by far
i was thinking funnel ports but reed ports would be way more efficient
so this unsprung suspension shit is thrown around by acoustic engineer when drunk
but the masses for any system like that seem too high for audio
yeah i think a servo system would be neat

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snekmotor alpha almost complete
variable aero prototype
i bet if you had a port in the front and back its be pretty easy to get unidirectional flow
naw because then it has to suck from the back
yeah that doesnt seem to be the case, completely
like it blows out and compresses immediate air and that kind explodes more omni
well right because paper adds other turbulence
like, vent turbulence makes flow at the port do silly things but mostly it does what the math says

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tubaman: i dont like road bike, id mess up rims or tires i think
i do like the blue suede, tho
i have a less stupid looking version of that seat

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its a behringer, totally appropriate

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