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speed control is the 4th wire ive never seen?
and yeah theyre not dc brush motors
hall sensor controllers, its like 6 parts
looks right

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solder plus adhesive lined heatshrink prob fine
is not even spendy!
reg stuff doesnt seem to do as well with solder splices, moves or tears
if you have space and money, shorter length of heatshrunk over the first seems to work best for strain relief
puts all the bend on the single layer part

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LED1 and LED2 probably mean something in chinese, just a coincidence

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at least its not for power
i dont think
people try and put miniplugs on everything
weller put them on soldering tips so im like wtf fuck weller
designed by canadia
canadia branding

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blackmoon: oh neat it comes with bms?
yeah weird
ah i remember those

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omg very danger
i was thinking of getting leaf batteries and mounting like saddles bags
like like 4 on each side
16*4, no?
is that less flamey, or more?

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$138 is cheap
more is always best
blackmoon: did you already get battery?

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