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atmel probably insures there is headroom on the design to account for manufacturing variation
so 100k writes is probably likely
that said, for a critical design, i wouldnt trust it past 50k writes

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iirc they have 10x writes vs the flash

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blockchain seems fine for description of the tech
rab: for logistics use?
that shit gonna take over sourcing and operations
distributed PLM is an excellent application

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i dont care if they rent or own their building
i dont care if they outsource network admin
circuit maker is a network based application
blockchain is not abused like this
a blockchain is used much more than the blockchain
tecan: neat
google says you are correct, but not even by an order of magnitude
i dont get to go to conferences anymore :(
AES was at digipen
or will be like right now

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a network
yeah if you want a literal 1:1 mapping of the word, it just means network
you have no control over how the network is composed, same as a cloud
its their network if they run it

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cluster of hardware serving things is a server, shrug
if you really need further ambiguity, internet based works
cloud based means internet based
'in the cloud' means 'in the internet'
it kind of sounds stupid and non specific because its stupid and non specific
so you need to specify which cloud
for example, using altiums cloud for storage means using altiums network for storage
rab: right because in thos instances, internet or network works
so now you have one word that means server, network, and internet
arguably, it just means network
its basically a term that suggests magic

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i kind want people to just start using the words server and internet again
because thats all that shit means
Apple: Internet and Server are too confusing. Lets tell people we invented the cloud
its like apps
'Apple invented apps'
bitch my samsung flip phone had java applets before iphones existed, and apps short for application is probably 50 years old
but now Apple literally invented the cloud and apps
people are dumb

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some kid bitched when they killed the shared app server hosting solidworks
it was basically unusable, as expected
'but the cloud'
i wanted to slap so bad
youre an engineer mfkr, not a lakitu
that said, the infinite storage google drive is pretty awesome
but its not like any apps are linked to it

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jero you say this like the interests of customers is a top priority
they gave you a free thing, the tradeoff was using their site and cloud
it was clear enough that i never used it after installing it
yeah so i dont really see issues
if fusion360 cloud crapped out, it would have zero impact on me
shrug, its free and it worked for a time
would be difficult to argue anyone was wronged
i mean, unless you can find the line in the eula no one reads that says this wont happen

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pick an italian name and put bros after it

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