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oh, it died

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yeah if this didnt work that was next try
just cutting up the 9 min spinny death bot vid
is that where they hide it?
people like USE MOVIE MAKER, im like, i dont think i have that shit
i feel like someone decided thats how they were going to destroy apple
i dont think it worked

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oh, it is
wtf is up with KDE is like, your shit has to be broken in order to use their license or what
gtk is ugly as fuck but at least gtk shit mostly works
or QT or whatever the fuck kde trash is made out of
like if it starts with a k or q, shit prob isnt gonna work
timecop: avid seems to have free version of their video editor that exports up to 1920x1080
like, if i wanted to take over the world with a video editor or some shit
reviews of this were like LACKS A LOT OF PRO FEATURES, and im like, fuck yeah im in

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rab: re: 6 mo old fucking free video editors convo
shotcut seems good, UI like whatever kde trash i was using before, but it doesnt random crash and video controls are actually responsive
i wish, only lunix i use is the shell i irc from
this windows 10 mofo
you are definitely not wrong as far as the previous shit ive tested
not sure this is open sores

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and by very recently i mean in like, last 10 years

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at that point, youre not dealing with an electronics model of physics, youre just dealing with traditional physics
between parasitic analysis, and RF electronics conventions, EE field is highly predictable
finite element analysis
like, modeling the interaction between monolithic 'particles'
its how you calculate stresses in objects that arent shaped like cylinders and boxes
you basically turn it into a triangular mesh and calculate the interactions of each meshed point in relation to the next
its also how aerodynamics is handled
very recently its been applied to loudspeaker radiation, and has helped to explain a lot of non ideal behavior in speaker measurement
for example, speakers dont radiate from their baffle, despite the general acceptance of that convention
and its pretty clear that its not the case in polar plots

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blackmoon: zeeshaan once showed a two pole filter plot, in a convo about machine vibration, like my mind would be blown
like, welcome to basic audio electronics, and the simplest loudspeaker configuration
i think the other thing to note is a machine is pretty hard to break down into two very specific spring-mass-damper systems
like, his plot is used in ME context to help convey a concept
in EE context, its used to accomplish things with very high predictability
yeah exactly
but EE field has spent decades making inductors that act mostly like inductors
also, weve done a very good job os identifying parasitics
so we have the ability to take analysis to the next level and explain things that fall outside expected behavior
ME mostly throwing up their hands and feeding it to FEA
because at HF, electronics becomes 3D again

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shrug, EE are wizards, working with invisible forces that rule society
ME's deal with the world as people have interacted with it for maybe hundreds of thousands of years
people just trust EEs because they advise in realms that average people dont understand well
the janitors mom will have opinions on ME designs
i think its harder to be an ME in a collaborative design environment because of that
maybe easier in concept phases when idea generation is helpful

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also electronics seems to have pushed analysis of systems to the point that the EE field can model sprung-damped-mass systems better than the ME field
like, basically EE models are simple and repeatable enough to understand and use
like, in ME you can do the same maths but its harder to create practical systems that will strictly follow that math

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voltage is defined in 3d dimensional space, physically, but thats now how it's dealt with in electronics
electronics is normally pretty two dimensional
we've basically knocked a dimension or two off the majority of our maths
like, electronics is mostly number line math or two dimensional math
ee's are skilled in simplification of systems
all of electronics is, really
electronics in a physical sense is a 3d concept, its not how people who work in electronics usually deal with it, except for RF and magnetics
im not even sure the source electromotive force is completely understood, youre pretty much at basical physical dimensions at this point, like gravity
we've quantified it, we can work with it, we dont know where it comes from other than its sub-atomic in nature

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because A. mechanics is already part of a formal voltage definition, and B. pressure and tension are two different things
it might be 'like' pressure and tension, but it cant be both
tension in physics is very specific
its positive force vectors in opposite direction
well, facing away from each other
compression is force vectors facing each other
pressure describes force over an area
jero32: no its because it described the potential to do work
force is the same, maybe in all contexts, id have to think about it more
work is force * distance
anyway, both terms are related to how much energy is stored, i think how they relate might not be totally parallel, but i think aspects of that have to do with 3 dimensional space

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and you dont think naming it a mechanical concept is as confusing?
tension is force
ive never had an issue with voltage
do you measure voltage in newtons?
tensions is measured in newtons
tension is a description of force in opposite directions
amperage is a term
well right there shows that its not very accurate to describe it in mechanical terms

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potential difference is voltage, the unit is volts

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