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ya what
i think learning it would actually be pretty useful for rendering

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i do not like

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i will only defend the 936 w/ 907 iron and derivative products
guys republicans dont know what shadow banning means
jero32: its directly derivative
fx888 was a smaller replacement for the 936 w/ better performance and interesting industrial design
fx888d was an fx888 with a cheaper ui with functional lockout
unless that was intentional to make sure the higher performance was consistent
well thing is how many people are you going to have soldering in one space?

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that just seems way expensive for an iron with fragile expensive tips
compared to hakko tips they are
weve had jbc shit at work, using sitting next to an acrobin of fucked up tips
hakkos dont have this issue
hakkos you can use to pry shit off boards like shields, if you bend a tip you bend it back, ive never had issues with heating elements

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its actually a better solution for mass production
fuck that for R&D tho, annoying af
not a huge fan
sure in the 70s when mag tips were hot sex technology
rather have an aoyue 936 clone than a weller
fine for mass production
original fx888 was kind of cool
jero32: how much are the tips?

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jero32: how much is a jbc iron?
so how is it even comparavle?
dont they have fragile tips?
shrug i did not read up much
fuck those tips
they jam on or off and the fix is banging them against the bench
hakk0 936 is >
change them

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