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holy shit
^f 'but' is like, review article super filter

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yay. youre like the 2nd person this year

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juzzy: yeah

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if theres literally no regulation in the string of LEDs, its in the supply, which means its probably a current regulator
like, a current feedback switching supply, i doubt its a resistor
0.32 resistor mod wont hurt anything
theyre all about that
i dont think burning up an LED will hurt the string, but i dont think a 1W LED will be super happy with 650mA

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if they dropped an extra 2V on the string with a resistor, it could burn up with 4V
but if its a current reg, it prob wont even notice
anyway its about 0.75W
so a 2W or 3W resistor to short it is probably fine
if its an eclosed string, the ambient will be high so you need to check derating on the resistor
but 3W is prob fine in a hot tube
how is it regulated?
just a resistor tho? in the string?
or does it have a little box
is the 72V supply a current reg with 72V max?
if its an LED specific supply, its prob got a current regulator
and you can prob just short it out

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Vf, but go on
it doesnt really have resistance
its like a spring regulator, opens up at some voltage threshold, and then drops pretty consistent voltage vs current
so what you need to do is find the current, then calculate the resistor needed to drop the same voltage as the diode
like, not for long term reliability, but thats not crazy for 3W LEDs
or just short it out
jero32: no they have variable resistance
sources have negative resistance
not that i can think of
it basically is the resistance it needs to be to maintain the voltage
and yeah .32 sounds right
rab: depends on the regulation

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jero32: shrug, its not open source
free and not open source gonna have a hook
jero32: it wouldnt exist on an open source product in the first place
unfortunately, functionality mostly doesnt exist either

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just seems like data farming right now, hes not actually done anything with it to detect bots

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