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wait what

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where are the LR pumps
im so confused
oh, the butt has two motors
phone wire and headphone wire
i hate that shit
not phone wire

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cant be cheap
jezus its got a little gearbox and orings
i feel like he took pics from all the wrong angles
like, is there a rack on the far side of the post on the plunger?
the mast is to clear the plunger post
haha i wonder if it changed IR reception

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and i think because little it might be significant diff at shallow depth
top doesnt look vented
maybe its a cam or linear screw on a bulb or membrane
Anyway, this sub is tons of fun. It can go up, down, forward, back, left and right. It actually has a ballast (not fan or propeller) to control its depth, but still it is challenging to get "hovering" at a certain depth.
^ from amazon review

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would it keep wanting to float up?
like how neutral can you make it
i guess somewhere i have a book with math for that
i think you can only be neutral at one depth

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i wonder how it does the ballast

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i just ride my bike
its prob only 4 or 5 days

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10h train + bus, vs 16 hours train
their busses are usually little nicer than greyhound
its $72 from 90 miles north of SAC to van nuys, in SFV
its not that bad, just sucks i cant get on a train and go all the way
doesnt even know my zip code
greyhound will, they use all the same shit
damn i forgot they use that san fernando spot instead of van nuys
yeah its more money
cheapest is $5 more, but on the friday im comparing it to its more then $20 more

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also the cheapest routes are not direct
involve busses, which is maybe part of the issue
like, there is no direct norcal to socal train, you have to take busses to connect, its kind of dumb
like, people talk shit about the high speed rail route going nowhere important, but we kind of need that shit connected up
actually there is a direct route but it takes way longer
right that shit is way longer and more $$$
im sure its very pretty but i havent been since i was like 9

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also how come shit in windows involving visual studio on the side almost never works
not being able to take bike on amtrak is bullshit
its like this never available option
i think you have to have bike option on ticket, no idea about freight options

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when i was in korea they wanted me to eat raw eggs on thin sliced raw beef
they argued over whether it was korean or australian beef, i was fine with either as long as not us beef
plus enough soju to prob kill anything anyway
i should buy that amphenol connector and sell this parker linear servo thing
then instead of temp work i can teach tensorflow to learn diff between a dick and a pineapple, or something
i actually though trying to recognize diff F1 cars and drivers would be neat

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jews are #1 at bread
challah, bagel, matzo == holy trinity
for buns and pb&x, i do potato breads
for sandwiches i do sourdough
fucked this cracked wheat whole seed bullshit
bread is death
enjoy it
fuck this, its only 95% death shit
so you get more fiber and better sugars
was it from a market?
if it wasnt from a jew deli or jew bagel shop, it probably sucked
donut shaped english muffin
jero32: nice
italian delis usually dont have bagels
i get non homogonized cream top cow pus
well its prob not a problem if youre not drinking american factory milk

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guys i went to hippy store for buns
they only had sprouted whole grain bullshit
wasnt even sliced
ruined my hotlinks
hippy store is closest store by a mile
the buns were actually pretty good toasted, sliced and buttered
i got WinCo cheddar slicers, and spendy old croc smoked cheddar
shrug, vegans use daiya, its not bad
prob half of the country doesnt realize their butter is whipped veggie oil
you get challah?

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they run like 40dB headroom so they can be assholes like that
i think a lookahead compressor would work
im down

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they used hot glue as heatsink compound?

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