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now hes in big trouble
i almost fell asleep
but then goodwood festival motor sounds
except i didnt know what it was and im like wtf tiny racecars in the apartment, not safe

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eggsalad: init_eggsalad()

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asking the questions i was afraid to

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you cant say that, tho

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def has spiders
its prob wiring diagrams

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wooo no bugs, just yellow oil drips
i should prob turn that gas valve thing off huh
theres like a regulator looking thing with two solenoid looking valve for oven and then tube going up to stove thing
no rats
nice, they put some folded paper manuals in a pouch stuck to the back to catch fire

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there is some sort of hole in wall behind my fridge and part of one wall is actually double doors to small garage space, they covered it with an ikea closet
bugs prob come in whenever they want =\
like there are all these flies but i cant find anything flies would come from, but lots of flies outside so maybe they like the temp and the lights
they go away when it starts getting windy and rainy, but then ants divert trails through my place
maybe they will have a war with the mini spiders
i think maybe this is the downside to building apartments inside warehouse with tons of in between space

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but cabinets
surely there are bugs, ive lived here four years
also tiny spiders in the bathroom
haha why you pick up random road things!?

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Ive never heard of linda mossarella so thats probably a good sign
rab: cmon thats kind of funny
i like how its all super textured
contact for custom truck nuts
cleaning the stove sucks
i want to clean the gaps on the side but im afraid

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rab: the recording of musk with stockholders was also zero hedge, and links to his hangup with NTSB
the actual commentary shit is like, BOFH credible at best, prob best not to read it
yeah durden analysis is kind of what youd expect from a guy who calls himself tyler durden
usually i read two lines, go wtf, look at the author and then go, oh
but hes usually got decent collection of articles and links
im not sure nypost is better, shrug

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fuckit we have a theme
yeah i debated as i consider durden a shifty source
but i already said fuckit, feel free to replace with anything
elon freakouts has become his/their beat, for sure
get in the tube, kid
rab: naw he covers all sorts of bullshit, not just tesla
general market and crypto absurdity, elon got caught up
because he is market absurdity at the moment

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because stock holders let them run wild and money happened
also good marketing and startup, so a lot of people work there prob think hes a god
jezus someone else do something with the topic
i guess i should read the article
jiggawatz: i dont think thats true, in the sense it is scripted
presidents have the job because they say the right things when put on the spot
takes pretty good understanding of things in general
a signed dollar?
synth: stop trolling admin

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dont mess with it much
plug and jack tolerances arent great, some work great, some wobble
the wobble ones might not lock if you wear them down
yeah thats probably fine
yeah thats normal but if theres a lot of angular play that click wears down
and eventually the angle is fucked and theres a lot of loss
if it feels tight, tho, its usually fine
its like, random jack and cable combos, it sucks when youre testing a product
the optical part is huge
i really wish it had caught on
wait what
mfkr needs to go on a vacation
go hang out with the virgin guy

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rab: the focus on alexa and TV speakers is why i don't mind being someplace else. their initial cultural focus was 100% on music, and that's what i was there for

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stale tho
plus i likely get sued by sonos defending them
i dont even necessarily agree with his conclusion about direction, but all his reasons are dumb
*disagree, fuckin rab

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they invented the multiroom tech before getting into speakers, and hired acoustic badasses to graft speakers onto it
the Play1/One is the least compromised, most tradition speaker design in their arsenal, and it's one of the later products
of course alexa is added on, its not their tech
neat @ ND explained
rab: man i almost feel like commenting on this guys mess
he could have done some research into the company, heh

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'This board looks to be designed by a very different team/person (possibly even outsourced) from the power and communications board.'
bottom board is play1 era, top UI board is One era, company was 3 times bigger with lots of turnover
little chance it was same people
this is public knowledge, former CEO announced the layoffs on his blog
'They show a traditional speaker manufacturer incrementally adding technology in an attempt to keep up with a fast-moving race. This is never a winning strategy in the long term.'

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While the part does look nice, there’s no innovation going on here.
he doesnt know because seems he didnt even think to do before and after rub and buzz tests
"It’s possible this is a common manufacturing process to increase sound quality while still remaining cost-competitive with higher-end speaker cabinets." it's common in studio monitors, which is almost what this is
rab: PCB analysis is pretty wtf
its on one board because thats what fits w/ the monster woofer and ID, plus easier final assembly
also sonos definitely does RF in house
they have a fucking stargate antenna array in an anechoic RF chamber
acoustic peeps were jealous
i was reworking single digit pF caps onto the RF module

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Some might think the price differential is due to more expensive components or better sound quality, but I have another take: I believe it’s a sign of a struggling speaker company in an impossible war.
It's a monster woofer and its got enough networking gear that theyre actually registered with FCC or something as network devices
guys an idiot, but gotta sell that blog
rab: its a sealed system, and play:1 is known for getting the 'where is the sub?' reaction
that doesnt happen with off the shelf 4" woofers, so higher materials cost because magnet and higher precision assembly, and r&d wasnt cheap
i dunno if i disagree about the direction of the company, but his callout is silly

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i should make that

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