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he made a knife noodle

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\\\\\: this is so japanese
im like :O @ the roller lube part

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what outs does it have?
often the HPF and LPF arent linked because if you boost the amplitude of the sub, with no filter adjustments, the crossover frequency effectively moves up
so ideally for your setup, LPF controls the sub output, and HPF controls the internal amp outputs
and you have LPF and HPF switched

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blackmoon: depends
LPF is usually for the subwoofer output
it may or may not HPF its internal amps

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the exception is subwoofers, which have a coil inductance rise
but theyre not driven there
and in passive setups, theyre crossed lower
so the low frequency resonance peak is what they use to justify the higher rating despite low DCR
jero32: second link prob fine, harmon is usually okay
harmon is JBL, and prob 100 other countries, harmon/kardon is kind of a flagship brand
*other companies

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for years, speaker companies dropped DCR to increase sensitivity, but kepy the 8 ohm spec
so driving 6 ohm speakers with 8 ohm amps is kind of normal
the new marketing thing is actually labeling the speakers 6 ohms, so you know those are the higher sensitivity speakers
dc resistance of the coil
the non reactive component
it might overheat the amp or kick in overcurrent protection on kicks when turned way up, but its prob fine
small woofers, and coax design can be fucked up
kevtris: most speakers are not very reactive at 1khz, so DCR might actually be close to actual impedance at 1khz

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i generally trust dayton stuff, its partsexpress house brand
its maybe cheaper online even with shipping, unless you can find something good new

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jero32: did you find speakers?
maybe go to local place and show them those and ask for similar

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