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80s stuff is easier for that
new stuff gonna be SMD
and prob a lot more glue

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shrug, onkyo has a lot of good stuff but i dunno anything about specific models
i would trust their specs at the end of a manual

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rokit g2 is made to look like those, plastic face on wood box
those are injection molded glass filled plastic, front and back pieces screwed together with a gasket
shrug, lots of things with the passive components, lots of semiconductor failures
like, coupling cap going resistive would drop out amplitude
also VXT are actually woven componsite cones
rokit are composite fabric on paper back

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not black CA, but glue types changing over time
krk drivers are high value
they wanted to make them cheaper a bunch of times but it never worked out
always ended up being better and more expensive than planned, which is pretty cool
BL and Cms vs excursion super linear on most the woofers
VXT and expose shit was like ideal example plots from a text book
also old VXT is LM3886 amps
all the other stuff is ST stuff, still pretty good

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i wonder if they switched to the black CA on the subs
those were white glues all over, poured over the jack backs for air leaks
its in a lot of power supplies, at the base of electrolytics
its like a vibration immunity vs thermal dissipation compromise
i miss my gen one rokits
other hacker says tons of 80s receivers, same issue

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i bet those get hot
thats not so bad for most models
the older ones are better
a little, sounds like
g2 is a bit of a gamble, few gens of drivers and electronics
thats supposed to be white or yellow glue
fucking robert
other hacker doesnt talk to him anymore

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normally it sticks out maybe 3/16", center connects first
well itd be perfect for audio but nothing is like that
like, ground first plugs and ground first jacks arent compatible, center pin wont reach, heh

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10 turns?
those are supposed to be less problematic but i still dont trust them for shit
dip switches #1
yeah wtf @ china using XLR and DMX for power
theyll put 120V on them too, theyre like 35VDC rated
and thats the real neutrik shit
who knows what kind of insulation china plastic is
cannon plug is old style XLR
yeah cannon plug is ancient XLR
those are ground first RCA plugs
still prob shit for power
cool for audio tho
yeah that looks like hakko shit
blackmoon: no the tip is recessed

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i want to put a sprocket on the rear disk brake hub

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actually i dont know, WA and FL area codes
blackmoon: i think this is cheaper, tho
other one had smaller motor, big motor
most dont have shifter setup
im like fuck pedaling a hub motor around
unsprung/rotating weight is evil
i kind of want to do a regen setup but who has time
maybe next year

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i think the app note im thinking of was like fuck that use our rrio comparators! and add your own catostrophic protection, i guess
you got the batteries already?
that shifter kit was more $$$ than i thought
i just hadnt clicked through the options first time i saw it
so it went from OMG FUCK JEAH to, oh this is very reasonable
comes with everything tho
no just the higher power options, its up to like $1300 i think
oh whatever i was looking at had batteries, same kit, found in my history
looks like they are west coast imports?

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theyre just shunts on comparators or something?
doesnt look like theres any sort of controller ic
that that looks like controller based thing
blackmoon: ive seen some app note shit was just shunts and diodes with bunch of linear shit
yeah unless they have fuel gauge stuff i think theyre pretty dumb
its china, factorys got bins of random
yeah they never level shifting drivers probably

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yeah looks like it
haha nice

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yeah, in the sponsored links right under
looks like it has a 'washer' plate
.1" from fets with triple stack of 1mm silpad
is it 24S only?

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yeah just get the 100A ones
50A might just mean they bought fets that said 50A at digikey
you know its true
who has time to read curves nowadays
only one side looks waved
looks good tho
blackmoon: does it include cables? doesnt look like it
looks like he does on other parts?

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then instead of figure out what 8 knobs to turn at once to get a smooth movement in the soundstage...
you just drag the channel in 3d space as it records the mix
gotta practice on something
jero32: imagine being about talk around in a 3d mapped conerts, in VR, album sounds deiff every time depending where you are sitting
*able to walk around
*other typos
so thats what atmos potentially is
but since the industry hasnt developed the production tools and integration with VR gear isnt a thing, we will be like a decade or so waiting

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like, they will work in a 3d space with channel sources
and atmos will map that to a particular setup
and right now, the biggest diff is overhead channels
give it a few years jero
basically this is going to end up being the audio equiv of VR
the DAW mixing tools dont even really exist commercially yet afaik
right but its mixing to two point source
this isnt that
you dont position the master outputs and send to them
you position the individual channels
and atmos maps to 3d space somehow
and the atmos processors map the material to a given setup
its going to be like a decade before its handled well and in a lot of material
like, basically they need game programmers to move into daw programming
like, 'doing it right' wont be about mixing to master channels, it will be a creative thing
like, placing channels in a 3d shooter arena
and then deciding where listener is, where absorbing material is, where reflective material is

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good luck
buy from someplace you can return it easily and AB and try and ABX vs the TV
if audio was considered during TV design, its close to same potential acoustic space as a TV
yeah used sounds like a great option for this actually
thats why im saying good luck
if you get a bad soundbar it might not be better than the tv, just diff
the tv?
cool i wonder if it has up firing drivers
its a processing spec
i think its supposed to be able to handle arbitrary sources
yeah that stuff doesnt work the same for everyone
so i think the deal with atmos, looking forward, is free producers of mixing to point sources

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jero32: why?
soundbars are pretty shitty
the one i worked on had very engineered drivers, multiple acoustics phds on it, all the dsp tricks in the book
was okay
id rather get a pair of good speakers and run stereo
jero32: how much are you trying to spend?

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