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can you add stuff to the workspace outside a project?
my shit got confusing at first because multiboard project, i got like projects of projects

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cant you just use the fill polys?
pretty sure i have a filled in block in something like that

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thats neat

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thats a shit situation anyway, and those coolers are usually not as stuck out as cpu coolers
right, im saying thats not as bad a situation to begin with
smaller board so less flex to begin with, and less projection is possible so way smeller lever moments
anyway, water systems should be more efficient for cooling unless the fans are much smaller, and its better for the hardware in terms of flex
all my pc have been moved around at some point
i just put mine on their back, i dont buy monster coolers

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should should be able to use the fans at lower speed
also youre much more likely to be able to take advantage of convection
right but theyre not as flexible
also water cooling blacks are going to stress boards way less
bracket to what? the mobo?
dunno, that seems like it could add more stress in a bunch of situations

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wait did you have to pay the $46 one too?
thats good
i guess shipping is the downside to living in canda

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Band: (Not work in North America)

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