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the only thing that was pretty predictable, oddly, was ESD
like, methodical testing was insanely time consuming, and almost always issues with early prototypes because trying to save money
but solutions were straight forward and made sense, even if it was like wackamole

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there is a standard way to lay cables during the scans
the power cords, not much you can do
the XLR cables, the way they were bundled and hung off the gear, it mattered
but thats something you basically fuck with during the scans
almost everything was switching PSU, so some amount of power input filtering was typical
that usually wasnt the issue, not as much as clocks and signals coupling into shit and how the harnesses and PCBA were oriented
like, power supply filtering was pretty standard across a lot of products, i guess like, shit works and we got a lot of inventory, why change it

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20:44:10 < BOekamp> voltage isn't a problem. EM radiation is.
yup, radiation and immunity testing was prob biggest open end in audio junk R&D
most the shit i worked on had like min half a dozen compliance symbols on it, independent lab scans were $10k a pop, pass or fail
heh @ trying to correlate lab scans with faraday cages at a given job. the goal was to be about 6dB in the green with our shitty correlation assumptions
also immunity testing guitar combo amps sounds insane, like you are trying to kill some beast with ray guns

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is there solar stuff integrated now?
boekamp: i dunno details but generally safety isnt done to one spec
its like, worst case for a ton of spec plus headroom
CSA is one of the specs up in the mess
boekamp: so im saying when you make a product for import to multiple places, you have to make sure it meets all specs for diff places
*no im saying
and also you need a certain amount of headroom to deal with manufacturing variation
and with universal input power supplies, the goal is to work from like 90v to 260v and also meet all safety and electromagnetic compliance targets
its drama, finding experts is a problem

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efnet is infested with londoners of ontario
or maybe just #cars
electrician would be super helpful in here

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resettable penny
i would imagine those sockets 'waller out' over time, as the rabs say
well i imagine thats why they are so deep
prob keep a tight fit towards the bottom

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