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heh @ 31" long
i guess saddle bag position would be cool
you can integrate some sort of batt eject system

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a lot of sub amps like this, basically a giant opamp w/ an actual opamp for the diff stage

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gpf: yeah this is my audio EE friends retirement problem
he cant find the transistors for replacement he wants, or ones he knows work, theyre all EOL
blackmoon: looks like all sealed bearings
thats cool that the gearset includes bearings
a lot of stuff is dual ball bearing
this looks like it has the space
its got +/-15v rails for opamp input, and then a boost transistor stage before outputs?

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or they were shorted to each other or at the same time to ground or who knows
heh, consumable part
least they have em
$20 is nice
gpf: not sure what you mean
if its a fan cooled system, and you beat the shit out of it, and turn it off, maybe you can thermal fuck some output devices
but i would guess not
prob a thermal sensor or switch

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yeah looks cheap
more inertia
yeah i wouldnt call that a pancake
ambient channels, not much excursion or power
most likely diff drivers

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that does sound fun
whatever 70s volts wont kill you much
thats kind of like what you have now?
and yeah 30v seems to be about the threshold of stingy electrocution
i can feel 35VDC supplies, dry hands
it mounts to both side of BB?
oh neat
damn, skinny gearbox

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16:23:03 <@BlackMoon> tempted to file a 2nd claim against them ffs
thats like calling the cops on a cops mom
no im saying they will walk in, look at the judge, look at the cops, youll hear a gavel happen, theyll walk out and youll be told to go home
their a tow yard, they making their living off of being cock sucking dipshits
i supposed some are good people
unless your cops operate their own tow yard

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