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go find an intersection with a puddle
also, it might just have like, amazing tires compared to what youre used to

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decent driver can make a shitbox go fast with a manual transmission
grip driving is faster than drift, shrug
if it doesnt leak and everything works they probably would
usually you need a helmet
thats what your foot is for
its a shitbox rental
you hoon it on canyon roads or something
do e brake burnouts in parking lots
they dont really do drag racing

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letters = fisher price shit
those numbers are more suggestive
3 pedals and a right hand stick, pls
b might be brake?
yeah is regen braking plus more agressive engine brake mapping
it revs higher?
yeah, lower gears
its meant for driving down hills
it basically drives the car like i would going down a hile with manual trans
yeah basically
shrug, just stomp in it all the time
it has a torque converter, not like itll put down that much power
right because not a lot of power and slushbox

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under two hour walk, i got in-n-out on way home because fuckit
i should have held out 2 miles for nobby burger
macgyver0: he he had some minipump, like maybe 6 in^3, i pumped forever got nowhere
oh like he rounded the edges all ugly?
like, bitches clamp the hex from the top
such assholes
thats how it goes
got new batt, new alt, new tires, sell car in a shitty market

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i think thats pretty standard for warehouses
like they clamp straight pipe together at the ends?
but i mean like, bike tire tube
also more edge nubs are breaking off
my riding style on street does not seem okay for mtn/hybrid tires
i dont carry tools
other temp worker like, i can help i have tube and multitool! im like, its i need a 15mm wrench, but i just walk home

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like, the shit is in the datasheets
anyway, my feet hurt
fuckin bike tube popped
right before getting to work, 5mi walk home
stop by walmart on way back, they have every side tube except 26"
all tubes have giant anti theft devices clamped around them
like you pick it up off the sheft and its going dayglo splode all over you
whats sharkbike clamps

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how much current?
how the fuck is bunch of vregs $20
tho, yeah that screams leftovers
is it something super high production?
huh, weird
theyre germans tho
maybe it has something to do with interference, shrug
cant you just boost up to 48v with standard pwm controller and external switches?

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shrug, maybe the boss threw bunch of leftover 7805 and switch regs at him like, make something
maybe they didnt have 20,000 pass transistors
because who the fuck stocks transistors anymore
like reg 5v?
or -15v 5v
what do you mean backwards
like, input to gnd?
but right usually when i could actually ask a chinese engineer, why?
'we had a lot of boxes of those.'
so like, it ends up being 0.00 on the bom

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