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theres a video of a girl at one of the protests going off
kids are getting loud
thats hopefully a good sgn

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its got timing belt and gears inside
maybe can use those
looks 1:1
maybe i can junk the linear actuator internals and just use it to hold the jack shaft
fuck this thing prob 20 lbs

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sec that has a p/n plaque too
right i think something like 10:1 would help a lot
this p/n long as fuck, so i prob get gearing info...
page 5
on my setup, the motor is mounted directly adjacent to screwbox
wait damn fuck
you cant remove the actuator from the gearbox, i thought it was two modules its one part

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yeah fuck, drives for this shit are like $500-1000
so maybe $20 puck mosfets is the solution
dude these automation guys are kind of nuts
1:1 gear it
might as well do something like that, coils are overkill enough
balance it with the batteries?
if i drop that shit im just gonna run
what is jack shaft?
180 reverse?
it has a reversing box to mount it to the linear actuator shit
its like half setup for that
and i can prob rework the gearbox to change ratios if i want

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luckily i drove it at like 1 mhz like, fuckit that cant be right. wasnt right.
automation class taught me to avoid automation company setup software at all costs
dip switch setup? awesome, give it to me

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DDS, can whatever drive it
a lot of the industrial motors are linear
but right i could just use pwm timer instead of dac
still same, DDS and whatever waveform i want
*industrial motor drivers
but he might know some black box driver that will work fine
like, there are these step drivers we used in his class, $80, seem as good as or better than geck0 stuff, would have never found them on my own
like, cheap stuff from bigger automation company
the docs are shit
like, 250us pulse time typo, instead of 250ns
i was like, who cares about 25600 microstepping if you can only hit it at 4khz

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im amazed how clean they bent it, looks factory
no i think its hall sensors and the resolver
its a mil standard, so prob pin positions for every sensor ever
ive opened it up, theyre not all connected
for theirs, yeah
if i worked at friends shop, its what i would have done
or just told them i could fix it in an hour with a $25 part
they prob paid like $1500 for this shit
blackmoon: no
theres a resolver on mine under the yellow cover, like half the wires go to that, other half into the motor housing, so prob hall feedback
im gonna ask automation prof if he knows cheap simple driver i can connect to it directly
then i just do an 18650 pack, and rig up some controls
if i was gonna drive myself, i would just DDS the waves with a cheap dac

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blackmoon: https://www.digikey.com/short/jbzn0j
i need this to fix
mounted with four SHCS, easy easy
looks like someone dropped it on the jack, why my friend ended up with it
his got a smamshed connector, too
on mine the other connector is smashed
thats not a d connector!
the smashed it on the side
wasnt sure

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340V, 7.89A, 4.1 Nm Tc (continuous?)
blackmoon: heheheh
resolver is cool, i dont need anything close to angular resolution
4350 rated speed
like, literally everything about the motor is too much
prototype = big hammer solutions

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my bad its nema34
J (medium inertia) 0923 (magnet length) H (winding) R (resolver feedback) -K (keyway shaft) MS (mil style connection) N (no options)
i dont think i need a 3HP motor for actuating =\

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im not, thats what its rated for
ill prob stack like 24x or 36x 18650
and just not worry about burning the coils
actually, i havent looked up the datasheet yet, im just going off the specs/serial plaque
right now, it has a loop back gearbox and some sort of linear actuator parallel and adjacent to the motor
actuator like 12" of extrusion, has limit switched 1" apart, 1.5" actuator shaft with like 3/4" threaded end

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blackmoon: this is a 320V parker motor, is like nema42, 10" long not including feedback shit
overkill to the point of being indestructble for what i want to do with it, assuming the drive doesnt fuck up
just have a banged up circular connector, easy fix

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i want to backdrive

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im going to make a right angle transmission
two of those not so cheap, maybe not
i have this 3 phase parker motor, but its too long to put sideways
prob just find another motor

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work so nice
theyre like, fuck "linear", we made linear
well theyre high quality
and it prob wears a tiny bit more even
i dunno man i think your hards just deal with it and youd prob not really notice the diff
anyway, they dont feel like cheap commodity shit
no idea if theyre reliable
i have a rear disk freehub
but i want to use the mount for a sprocket for emotor
but i want to get a new springfork and do fron disc brake
yeah i dont like those

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that sounds like a rim and stem issue
i used to get them as a kid
the rubber was thick as fuck and felt like it has metallic dust in it
but they were crazy heavy
prob like 4x reg tube
they worked tho
you had disc brakes or vbrakes?
man i want these linear vbrakes so bad...
theres a parallelogram link so theyre actually linear
yeah normal, deore xt is just a nicer standard lever now
some of the nice stolen bikes we get from cops at bike shop have those

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cars are too expensive

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blackmoon: you used kevlar liners on your bike?
i think i might just do cheap tires and liners
i once got slapped in the face by a garage door

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does care how much it moved, cares how fast

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naw you
naw youre in here typing, youre okay, you can get another truck
were you wearing seatbelt?
sounds like the airbags worked right if you didnt know what happened until after

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wouldnt mind seeing DSI get the legal fees back
and almost everybody in mass production audio copies designs and just goes with chinese engineering thats handed to them

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blackmoon: glad you are ok
rab: ha @ behringer lawsuits
they do that

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do both
maybe with TEXT/ICONS/BOTH option

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sculptor: neat
what for? what libs?

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oh, and when i told her there were horse ranches down the street from my place in LA, and some roads had horse lanes with rails, and lots of trails in the mountains to ride...
she looks at me and goes, no
like i made up chatsworth
rab: holy shit at autoplay, bunch of kids in a river singing, 'i got, a river, a fountain, that never will run dry'

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rab: :(
rab: have to work with redneck christian girl at work
of course she goes on and on about religious bullshit and her church group
but when politics or current events come up, she freaks out and says people have to shut up and we have broken mouth filters
ends every story with 'and then we drank this and drove this vehicle here!'
'my dad worked hard in that mill, he deserved that beer in his car on his way home'
plus random shoplifting stories
was confused when we asked what countries her friend missionary trip was to
like she didnt get 'east asia' wasnt a country

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