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blackmoon: turbo with an electric motor on the spindle
it can spool up the turbo to reduce lag and add extra boost
can be used to charge a battery
mclaren is doing the backs for new gen Formula E
i bet theyre active cooled

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but i saw the career as a nice side effect of what i saw as a learning experience
being honest, and being honorable in the sense that i always tried my best is my thing
and a lot of times, it fucking sucked
also senior management will drop into IT and read peoples emails
and IT will read their emails
middle management america is cut throat, doubt its too different internationally

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shrug, 5 places, same shit
diff departments, they talk about same shit
you work on teams as teams, you use mistakes to improve process, you accept mistakes and failure as a neccessary part of the process
i dont say shit like that until im already okay with moving on
jero32: the ceo might have lunch with the interns
ceo at couple of my companies would do lunches with all levels of employees
to shoot the shit
the intern is supposed to screw up jero
hes there to learn
youre supposed to show him how to behave in a pro engineering environment
he tells ceo, you i fucked up and jero is like, yo i told you so
and ceo is like, maybe that jero guy is not a team player
jero32: its a statement in the wrong direction
and youre working with techs and engineers, geeks are pretty stupid about how things are taken when said, and how things are intended when told
if you wouldnt talk to the ceo like that, dont talk to the intern like that
would i talk back to interns? maybe. but i was known for telling VP level peeps no when i didnt think something would work

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you want to keep a job? dont be like me, fuck passion, go to work and keep your head low, make sure you are heard when you think there is a problem, but after that, just let the shit fall where it falls, dont push, dont be honorable, dont 'do the right thing' and never ever say 'i told you so'
you want to fight the good fight? cool, its a fight.
jero, never say or email anything in an office building you wouldnt mind the whole company seeing
the intern will tell someone for points or because its interesting
no secrets
you tell those guys to go home if you have to tell them more than once or twice
often, people who arent working out just find themselves assigned less tasks and with more time at the desk with little to do
eventually they get the idea, and move on
hopefully to your competition
oh you mean specifically i told you so
shrug, intern will maybe tell someone else
or maybe you will be overheard
and its usually not appreciated
youll possibly not get cut slack when you fuck up
and you will fuck up
because everyone fucks up

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its easier to just let the ball roll, go with the hive mind, let the glory and failures be communal
to push for change, to push to be better, to call out all the problems, to hit the brakes, to actually do the running change, to call out the profitable but unethic behavior?
to actually have passion? maybe you luck out and its a great experience, but most people think its a struggle
good engineering is looking for problems, and collaborative design should involve brutally honest design reviews
and people often lie
successful people who stay at companies for a long time, usually they know to keep their mouth shut
me? i have passion, and am brutally honest, and thats how people talk about me between companies, or so im told
project managers love me or hate me, depending on if im moving their schedule forward despite problems, or finding problems and throwing a wrench in their plans

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blackmoon: top comments in the thread talking out their ass
r/wec knows whats up, tho
like, one guys is like, MAYBE ITS KERS, someone else is like, NO ITS PROBABLY MGUK
different names in different years for the same fucking thing
they started calling it MGU-K (kinetic, wheel motors) to diff it with the MGU-H (heat, turbo motors) in F1
jero32: prob 90% of engineers are making widgets and living for their family and mortgage?
thats the normal way to live?
you have kids and say the same thing to me
you want your life to be about your non relational passions?
dont have kids
and marry someone who loves that you do what you do
jero32: you can have fun with coworkers and not give a fuck about the product
actually, giving a fuck about the product and pushing for what you think is right, because of like, honor or some shit, is harder

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blackmoon: so thats a rebuilt car, not to WEC spec, a performance rebuild
they murdered it at spa, too
which is direct comparison to F1
i think it was faster than the f1 times
tho an unlimited F1 build would murder it
porsche retired from lemans so theyre taking the modified 919 to all the tracks and breaking all the records
and yeah, the ring is an insane track, especially if you are not super familiar with it
which is hard because its like 10 miles or some shit
also i dont think its flywheel based
its just electric motors and batteries for the front wheels that are balanced with the brakes
new WEC rules, theyre going to have a standard front wheel drive hybrid recovery system
so teams can just put whatever ICE in the back, semi-independent systems
maybe fully independent

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