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i like this tread but i dont think it has the thorn strip =(
actually that looks like it would wear faster than the blocky knobs

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pretty sure they wear slower
this kind of looks neat, maybe not enough gap for fine gravel tho

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also there is a weird category of super light BMX, indoor track racing i think
shrug, theyre sidewalk bikes
rab: i wonder if maybe those commute tires have bigger contact patches than pumped up round ones?

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chico stole my first 24", the one i built, i sold the second 24" to pay some bills, this is GT hard tail frame with schwinn spring fork i built from scrap bikes
the second 24" was sex, green tint over metallic yellow, shit looked radioactive, amazed it didnt get stole
also there are too many gravel bits to get away with <2" tires
also you can get skinny tires for 20" and 24", because pool and pipe riding

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like, you can lean both bike types 45 degrees with your legs while body still upright over the bike, closer to contact patches
apperently the secret is out and fellow kids know 24" bmx is standard issue pot dealer bike
naw im shopping 26"
oddly, all the GT bikes we get are 26" hybrid/mtn or road bikes, i didnt even know they made those

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was microknobby tread, pretty much felt like street tires, couldnt hear anything
yeah i think thats normal
theyre meant to grip on dirt trail, no on street, theyre too gaps, so when you leane the tail slides out
rab: yeah w/ high pressure my guess was it was approaching street tires
i always liked these because they roll better than they look, i think because the small gaps and flat surfaces
i dont like that flat center style tires as much
it wouldnt matter because this is an XL frame with horizontal top tube, so i cant crazy lean it
so i laughed when mtn bike guy talked shit about 24" bmx with long seat tube, pointed out full suspension mountain bikes with dropper seats are almost same geometry

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cheap option ^
spendy option ^
neat @ integrated thorn strip
i was going to get kevlar liners
kinf of amazed i havent blown a tube on this bike
but like, for street, it like round profile micro-knobby treads with high pressure
because i like to lean i guess
like, im constantly banging my pedal
and the holy roller style tires are pretty low rolling resistance w/ medium pressure
but theyre kind of like classic BMX in the dirt

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i have those, haha i dont remember the tread ever being that deep
i have a GT Asshole
thats the frame
oh, hmm
thats to streety i think

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lots of chinese people working at contract manufacturers pick western first names
sometimes they pick wrong and get made fun of
poor rambo
rab: do you have tire suggestions?
i kind of want a pair of maxxis holy rollers
because im like 90% street, and dirt is mostly packed dusty tails and pebbles
i have those super common kenda hybrid tires, theyre pretty soft, but like the edge nubs are breaking off

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