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check out those genelecs
unf unf unf

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blackmoon: i bet you could sell them to potters and sculptors
they like all manner of pokey and stabbey things
well they wont need them as crazy sharp, but basically same shit you had would be cool

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thats why the middle east will always be fucked up
its not the people its the weather
thats why texas will always be like hey leave the fuck alone k
its hot there
*leave me the fuck alone k

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holy shit i didnt read or realize it was a townhome until the last pic
anyway, zero issues with the place, actually perfect besides the area, but ya ew @ furnishings
ikea crap would be better
i would rather have an insulated shipping container on a lot where i could turn my music up
i bet you could bug and spider proof a contrainer
wow now houses just seem stupid
i guess if they made sealed homes sometimes people would just suffocate for no reason

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as is that shit looks like a black tshirt with black jeans

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rab: unfurnished that place is 1000% win
in love with that grey hardwood and non eggshell wall paint
but yeah everything else they did with it can get fucked
def needs some colorful paintings, some leather tones
i think the swirly red blood in my octotree painting would be a good first step
nice day of the dead looking throw rug

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