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with diamond polish or something?
yeah i think youre right about them holding onto the grit well enough
prob use something way cheaper than 6061
maybe just try foil

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blackmoon: thats why i like hdd platters

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i wonder if the sign is because of what he is carrying, or just him

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elective, we have to do three, but there is this pathways bullshit, and you have to use electives to meet some secondary reqs
so basically our electives are chosen

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B in anthropology class, C- in US gov (perfect)

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my schedule is a joke compared to recent engineering grads, and my pay history makes it look like ill leave once i find anything else
like, im basically a risky management decision
i might score a bay area internship, will prob know within a week
school project related, group is making a trip out there on friday, theyve already asked for my resume
if that dont work out, i try and score one or two jobs local for the summer
starbucks or who knows
if that dont pan out, i start trying to get real jobs, which prob means putting off my last semester
staying in school means dealing with getting sued by banks for another 6 months
its getting old

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there are a lot of ways to answer that
i havent worked for an audio company in about couple years or so, I sold my monitor speakers so im rocking a $20 refurbished logitech 2.1, but my speaker skills are murderous in my elecromechanical classes
like, the diff equation based stuff
i have intuitive relationship with a practical spring-mass-damper system, which has been a huge help considering my math issues
next semester is last
longer than i wanted, but under the average for engineering and in general at my school
my transfer credits didnt count for much, didnt have to take a speech class, thats about it
like, mechatronic engineers are almost all major units, so a lot of gen ed stuff is replaced by certain engineering reqs
so transfer units dont matter for those
almost nothing for me

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mexicali: bots will undo the ban pretty soon probably
if youre going to talk about electronics, talk more about component level electronics in between, thanks
oh, i meant to say if youre going to talk about politics
oh well

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pretty sure sato is the bad guy in like half a dozen 80s movies

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biggest assholes in the universe probably arent going to waste their time talking to us
4ch is not known for thinking their theories through
clearly this is lonely 4ch trying to find some new friends

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until people see the entire globe as 'me and mine' we will continue to have problems
but these problems generate some great art
so i dunno
we decide how close we need to be to a borg society so that it works for enough people that were satisfied
at the moment, we are easy pickings for any off world society that encounters us

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north korea has a seemingly effective deterrent
and risk their annihilation
any tac nuke
tac nuke goes off, and the world has to decide if they want to commit suicide, as mutually agreed
or to stop and work it out
this will likely happen
a city will be wiped out, thousands to millions dead
and then the world has to consider how not okay this is
what the result will be is that limited nuclear war will be on the table, with a known set of consequences
that to me is far scarier than a global nuclear holocaust
global nuclear war happens once
tac nukes can happen forever
and thats a level of fear the world has never dealt with
and our current level of fear is causing major problems
the world learned a lot from ww2 atom bombs
they learned we dont ever want to see that happen to anyone we care about
everyone cares
those who 'dont care' are typically people that only care about what others have take from them, what they cared about but lost
everyone thinks about themselves, and their loved ones

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anyway, its likely putin is as leveraged as almost everyone else he has leverage on
this isnt going to stop anytime soon, short of global events i dont want to speak of
sculptor: everyone in power ever has always been fighting for survival
anarchy is the only form of politics that isnt a textbook philosophy
literally nothing else exists
if russia tries that again, theyll probably get tac nuked
and theyre probably way more afraid of tac nukes and the US
so do we
i lived with this my entire life
theres a john belushi movie about it
no i dont
i accept that i am partially responsible
i do not support it
global nuclear war is just a new era of civilization
while i dont want it to happen, it would be an amazing equalizer most likely
except north korea?
anyway, my biggest fear is tac nukes

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thing is, an assassination team is a lot more to clean up
an assassination guy is much easier to deal with after the fact
yes this is believe 100%
and that the first assassination teams's moms were all having a nice lunch together with loyal party members
pay them off, and surveille them poorly enough they know its happening

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so they dont have to admit they were all victims of russian intelligence organizations, and random eastern europeans with better social hacking skills than they are intelligent
israel is pretty much same situation
to characterize it as a place of homogeneous thought is just wrong
most of our reporting about the problems in israeli government comes from israeli journalists
and there are people on both sides of the debate there, despite mandatory military service
im just saying about nations in general
im sure there are toxic, anti-social elements in ukrain government
i think the ones in the russian government are more successful
and the ones in the american government have used it to dominate the world
this exactly
was there a russian assassination time? i dont know
does russia have assassination teams? if they dont, they could prob make one in hours with a couple phone calls

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im sure elements within the gov did
im sure other elements supported the opposition
governments are never homogeneous
and there are almost always going to be corruption at some level
do you want me to show you pics of american nazi militias?
does that make me and elizabeth warren a nazi?
i think you should make more effort to seperate citizens, governments, and other groups
and accept that within all these groups there are spectrums of intent
also news has always been a certain amounts of various types of 'fake'
the new use of the term 'fake news' is to try and make establish journalism look bad
what it meant before the elections was romanians posting nazi sites to score some pocket change
like, there was literal fake news for clicks that most of the right wing fell for
the rebranding of the term fake news is to save face

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a) no one knows that they dont exist
b) russian mercenaries are a thing
this is what aboutism
the CIA is worse because its more successful
i have a problem with that too
and im more responsible for that problem
that doesnt mean the situation for people in russia and ukrain isnt fucked
he wasnt really trying to fool the assassins, i dont think
if they existed, they prob had to consider if they had been double crossed by putin, or if they were being fucked with by ukranian intelligence
i think he was trying to generate a narrative to buy himself time and slow the assassination plan down
rab: possibly information that it was called off and the team had disbanded, shrug
maybe they has used this to push the team into a trap
no one knows
but we do know russian employs mercenaries, has its own intelligence personal, and is basically top 2 in political espionage
with america being their competition

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rab: prob as annoying as grabbing the spool of bus wire instead of solder
always so confusing
sculptor: wait woah
i guess one must remember that when people talk about the hardcore russians who survived through multiple invasions from europe
they are probably talking about ukranians
i wonder what the assanation group did when they found out they had already killed him \
i dunno man, spy vs spy, sounds like ukranians got the upper hand on this one
im supposed to believe russia wasnt trying to shoot the dude?

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yes we are waiting for your solution

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