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prob doesnt have enough resolution for useful measurements
most typical DMM do tenth ohm, you want something like that at least to measure wire resistance
something that can zero its leads and measure to like 0.01 R would be better, like a decent LCR

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blackmoon: cup rotors?
i bet those are super linear too
definitely faster response

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high sensitivity, duh

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just detented, no left/right switches
if i got something else would be this

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everything wireless that isnt logitech is fucked
ridic wake up times and latency, shit battery life
then you prob need a battery
shake out the crumbs!
i have their wireless ball mouse, i use it for games fine
its excellent for dogfighting in space
the thumb ball, not the squid looking arcade ball
the scroll wheel kinda sucks

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teacher gonna send white house letter back

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