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missed, rewinding

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naw fuckem

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yeah i was like, cooool
ive noticed that second box for years and never throught to read what it does
yeah hybrids ive driven have a lever or button
for more agressive regen braking, its usually labaled to suggest its for downhill braking
i think for hybrid sport (i think its fucked up this isnt a thing except in exotic cars), a knob to adjust engine brake level would be the shit
i hated the weak engine brake mapping on my tC
constantly downshifting to generate brake force

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rab: its a standard test
if conditions of the test make the tires break loose, ABS will be factored in
but its most likely a regen braking vs hydraulic braking mixing issue
yeah thats always operational, or should be
its an electric drivetrain
so no IC compression braking
this should be simpler than making it work on hybrid systems
tho since electric motor braking is a bigger contributor, fucking it up would have more of an impact
right engine brake mapping might as well be arbitray in IC engines
they can do whatever they want
my guess is car companies just throw in another map dimension because fuckit
eck0: do you know anything about hybrid engine tuning?

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al gore
i was making an al gore invents the space internet joke
he may have been carter bad, which isnt the worst thing in the world
blackmoon: link, i will tipoc
ah, the reg
rab: what do you mean?

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when did they go bankrupt?
The first Iridium call was made by Vice President of the United States Al Gore to his wife Tipper Gore.[5] Motorola provided the technology and major financial backing.[6]
this mfkr invented the space internet too
if supreme court let him be president, we'd all have AR sunglasses and electric bikes
d0gzpaw: looks like its kind of an acquisitions company commodity now
why are you asking who

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they have to slow down for max Q
they didnt put enough struts
i love how musk is like, we were just gonna like, biggy size the little rocket
but then we had to redesign almost the whole thing
im like, ya that happened to me in KSP
you mfkrs need to play KSP
just redo all the ksp nav and stabilization plugins in python
i was going to try polar orbit sats

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is iridium network their project?
commercial was like NRATV shit
i remember there being some sort of elon connected net but i thought it was just at concept/pipe-dream stage
haha @ bankrupt with sats in space
wonder how well the system and comm protocol was documented
thats pretty much your assets at that point
cant believe how much time we wasted on the shuttle
yeah but it doesnt stop accelerating

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naw thats tiny compared to my KSP shit
that shit goes out so far
wtf scary commercial on spacex launch
they selling me global sat comm net?
music is friendly now and narrotor is too again

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does mustard count as a vegetable?
fuck wish i still lived in santa barbara

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move pan over trash, rotate handle

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BMW also acknowledged the researchers' work and selected Keen Lab as the first winner of the BMW Group Digitalization and IT Research Award, also announcing a long-term partnership.

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terry cloth rectangle.
they got into the can bus

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does naked in a towell or sitting on towell count?
i live alone for a long time, no way ive not blown a breaker while pretty much naked

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why are they called c-clips
can you just use two of the krones instead of double stacking?

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its an interference vs blade deflection compromise, prob works okay if they say it does
i like the plugins with sticks to ziptie to

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pretty sure you can crimp onto solid wire
i dont think its the same crimps and tools tho

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9am, summertime, and im writing emails to megacorpys, submitting pcb cam and schematic packs
least im hacking on someone elses dime even if getting paid still a big ?

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well whatever, if its defeated by cell phones when not in its box, that just makes it normal amplifier circuit
jero32: yes
you just 0dB normalize at -24dB of your input
so like, 0dB = passband level of your output,
if you should the circuit or explain the conditions, 0dB normalized is fine
if you want the plot to stand on its own, -24dB referencing input is probably better
*show the circuit
im going back to sleep

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guys, for grounding on these through hole dealies, i did a plane on top, with power traces, for circuit grounding, one or two slices to kill big ground loops
then for bottom, its signal traces, and i did a big ground plane, no cuts
and i did keepouts around all the ground pins, except for on the connector leading back to system star ground
so big dead shield, grounded source side
will it blend!?
or did i just cap couple all my problems
pretty sure all cap parasitics dump back into ground before they get across the plane and try and jump some other signal
this is all dinosaur size parts, pours prob never get skinnier than 20 mil and thats just around the connector pins

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