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then i prob just have the uC error loop or who knows
dunno i still like supercap on the uC
because i only want the uC and tcxo to stay up
not the other 3v3 stuff
right i dont think that will be a prob after linear vregs
and it has adc voltage monitoring for all the rails
so it can start with slow clocks and wait until settled before turning everything on

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blackmoon: can i just use pfet and supercap w/ enough voltage?
and when source cuts out, pfet goes open circuit, supercap isolated
i already selected a supercap with high enough voltage for my thing
i have schottky to keep main 3v3 supply isolated from uC supply but i dont like the vdrop
i dont want the drop
because a lot of IC running off the 3v3, and i just have uC and tcxo on 3vuc rail
its all low current through to220 vregs
like, i have 10v analog, 5v analog, 5v led and motor drives, 3v3 digital supply
right so i only get down to like 1.8v

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as long as there is an actual fuse or breaker in series with them i think theyre pretty neat
looks neat

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10:34:18 <@renesis> that sounds a lot like a transistor someone named a fuse
thats what i just says
mosfet has transistor in the name
AD seems to make this very complicated in a single page, with several IC solutions to ease the pain
fuck this cap stacking shit
why isnt AD helping not stack caps

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timecop: first CAM output was minimal drama
like, its already mirrored so dont click mirror for bottom was only think to figure out
freedfm likes the files
sculptor: electronically resettable fuses?
what is an efuse
that sounds a lot like a transistor someone named a fuse
guyds can i use a pfet instead of a schottky to isolate a supercap supply
theres is prob like 100 app notes about this

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if you go 'i told you so' you lose a lot of points
if shit fucks up like you predicted, just try and help fix it

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oh like its not compiled
that makes sense

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1337x main domain is 1337x.to, if this domain is blocked for you try to use 1337x.st or x1337x.ws.
its a known hub
pretty sure i got popped for grabbing rick n morty, ISP fuck-you notice
open src?

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i'm sure that's great, I was talking about your ebay drama

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jezus fuck apestate
i dont have a problem with you posting your info here, but I feel obligated to warm you that you're on EFNet and you've likely fucked up
Do you need that shit and can you find money to pay someone back if they lend you it?
warm you? *typo, urmommy
okay well just dont spam the channel over and over, gl on your sale
if theres a lot of scroll and your question is like 1000 lines back, something like that, try posting again
that sucks

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13:56:33 <@renesis> works in foxit, does not work in chrome pdf preview
in foxit the origin marker was bigger
possibly its not supposed to indicate origin and its just an parallel axis pointer
also for my weekly tribute to the lord pil, china washer handled the comforter well
at like $10 every other week normally spent on laundry, already made my money back on it not considering time and energy saved

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like, the origin still rotates around itself instead of the part
maybe prob with kemets 3d model
rab: i prob have like 4 installed and change default maybe every 3 or 6 months
they all suck
sumatra df or whatever its called is light as fuck but i dont even think it handles contents or bookmarks

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gonna feed its file open textbox a url
lets see what 100MB of binary can handle
Open button dim
after pause, its asking me for kemet.com login info wtf
holy fuck what have they done
put the url in random search bar in recent page
yeah adobe has like 100 features relarted to 3d, its all pretty useless tho

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rab: sec
works in foxit, does not work in chrome pdf preview
downloading acrobarf reader for windows to try
it mostly works tho
and in android its one of the best options

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lecture topic: are we all gonna fucking die, kids?
woooah, kemet datasheet has interactive 3d rendering of film box cap
origin marker is broken, still neat tho
they are both rotating around their respective origins

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that is a neat switch
no is not my problem
greatest language troll did a lecture

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