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i laughed

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omg where did rab go
so jezus bounty hunter sold his truck
and he still wears this bounty minister shirt, but thats a lot more reserved than jezus christ bounty hunter k9 unit
anyway, he does work in the building NA used to be in
who knows what they are working on
i saw him talking to lacross girls house
i was looking at this couch they were throwing out (SEMESTER OVER WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO) and after i asked them wtf they had done to this couch, i asked about jezus bounty hunter
they says he just tries to make small talk, but he lingers. like, is a house full of lacross girls, i say like 4 words and i feel like ive stayed too long
but everyone agrees that he sold his truck and took down his youtube is a good step. haha @ some of the girls remembering his youtube
19:05:55 <@BlackMoon> slow down psycho gfr

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fuckin microsd card
shit is right there im freaking out because i cant find it

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