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ever get towards the end of a schematic and and wish you had started with busses?

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because supercap

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like, i wondered why stm32 disco are 3v instead of 3v3
abd im like, sitting here with schottky in circuit wondering if the .3v diss gonna fuck with like, the usb-uart io, or who knows
but then i am like, oh thats why its 3v instead of 3v3

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nice, this rinse almost no dye

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maybe, im using this arm and hammer stuff
and yeah, comforter at least was really dirty
was like, brown grey before, now its like, purple black
pretty amazing how well this little china dealy works
like, i can wash one short that i wore to bike mechanic job, and amount of dirty water comes out is pretty wtf
pretty sure it does a better job than the high efficiency laundromat thing
*one shirt

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trying to wash a comforter in my little china washer
its actually working, kinda
gonna roll it up see if i can fit it into the spinner
all my stuff has black dye, i dunno if its really dirty or the washer is just really good at pulling the extra dye out

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yeah i hate matlab
i just do everythi9ng in python instead

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oh 2 pack
thats kind of cool i guess

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that sucks

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take a course at a CC or something
like, i was okay at c, but taking a course and stepping through all the basics was helpful
especially for the terminology stuff, made reading programming manuals a lot easier
or get a textbook and go through the end of chapter exercises

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definitely more down with visual basic hardware scripting than labview

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so its not really a test thing, but we have to design around the test cycle time and bag capacities, so its similar to a test fixture
ha, that found fun
maybe smelly?
is it mostly low drama, no failures?
or do you just test until failure?
is it pretty automated or more like bench testing?

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thats cool, sounds useful at least
ya true
like, most stuff at my school is factory and agriculture automation, i dont really give a fuck
i lucked out and got an r&d test project. prof maybe stuck me on it because my resume basically says thats what i did for 7 years
yeah im lucky i can try a few things out on this ive been wanting to play with
yeah its not like, a test controller, but its a machine to support testing
so a lot of the same requirements, like timing based on test cycle intervals
like, factory does accelerated testing for a medical device, test uses a 5 L IV bag as a test liquid source
and like, their bag fill machine is old, cost them over 100k new, and is a bottleneck because they got so many techs now, all waiting in line for one machine
so we are making like, little fill stations they can stick between DUT test shelves
has to drain out the bags completely, no air bubbles

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ccfl_man: do you guys do some sort of final project?
my school seems pretty good about that
EE's do their own little projects, personal or small group, CS guys make a posterboard of some software shit they did
and ME and mechatronics do a 2 semester sponsored project for an external company or individual

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im like, made up proprietary languages, really shit documentation, and programming interface dont work
thanks for confirming all my suspicions, and giving a perfect example of why r&d prototyping and QA test never uses off the shelf automation product
component semiconductor shit and dev boards always work
99.5% of the time its your fault when they dont

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with his shit, you tell them to go into the controller every siz months, and manually edit a variable
dude this is like programming in made up assembly
with a lot of automatic functionality
it was probably an accomplishment they got it working at all
anyway, as far as motor sizing and practical mechanics, the prof is a jewel in the program
he doesnt even have a masters
hes just a ton of real world experience
but like, hes brought in people from companies showing off their hardware
and most the shit has awfule programming interface
like, some homebrew implimentation of MIT scratch
horrible broken and a UI that screams, hey i'm learning how to UI!
if you want to script it, learn pascal
if it worked fine, whatever, i dont mind scratch
bit its broken
throwing my malloc errors
like, bitch i didnt allocate any memory, you got me working with snap together colors and shapes here
and the moog smartmotors will work, then you try and update the code by doing same shit, doesnt work the same
another older guy i like, big geek, a little quiet, does amazing block diagrams and user interfaces, same issues
just wont work for him the same way twice

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a pretty cool automation controller, admittedly
but doesnt do much a uC and some algorithm research couldnt do
and if you didnt put time in to learn its made up, 70s serial terminal style language, with a bunch of 3 letter commands and variables you cant name
its not going to be faster
prof tries to claim that the way i do things is just insuring job security
im like, bitch prob 100M people in the world can support my C code
how many people know this made up 70s language on 90s hardware bullshit?
maybe a few thousand, not even?
also, people dont act like me if job security is #1
i wasnt, he was, for some big contracted project
like, points an observatory telescope, handled the doors
no you need precision if youre doing any conversions
like, if youre on the edge of the machines precision, over time youll get rounding errors
like, in C, you just fixed point up to whatever bits makes the problem go away

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like my shit is prob gonna wake up, doing some PID bullshit, update some unioned DMA arrays, go back sleep for 90% of the time
my first shit i put almost all my code in the systick timer
multiple levels of interrupt priority
for PID shit, ill do like 1024 Hz sample loops, makes doing literal PID calcs super easy
for the inverted pendulum, shit is fixed pointed to overkill precision, still mostly sleeping
like, i can do the maths for zigler-nichols tuning, and the numbers actual mean something versus time, instead of just random numbers and some pretend timebase that happens to work
some kid, COULDNT YOU CALL GALIL AND JUST MADE ADD EXTRA PRECISION? because teacher is always like, you got problems, just call them

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F4 pinouts seems to work out a lot better than F0 ones
like, almost same pin map, maybe just more peripherals so the shit like i2c and rs232 dont end up on top of continuous sections of ADC and gpio
also maybe i am on crack and its just because i switched to an i2c lcd and am driving leds 6x2 instead of 12 direct
so like, 10 less gpio versus prototype
and i got like, LED plex timer, main loop timer, motor pwm timer, led pnp pwm timer, status led pwm timer, i think i got like two more timers, and this not including systick timer, which i just ignore since who knows wtf HAL is doing with it

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my hakko is like, 12 year old and the case is cracked from dropping it
oh and it has a sticker from the local solder supply place i got it
solder master supply co

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i dont think its common
at my school they just do kicad workshops

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like, this is pilots, if that happened to them once in 1948 theyll still be doing the same paranoid procedure today
yeah i wanted to wget the ambient directory at least
busy, forgot

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have to do lib symbol for a level converter and for programming header than done with this
like, because if you keep throttle up to store energy, and the drivetrain impulses lock the bearing, and then your drivetrain sizes, you maybe sheer off the rotors

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yeah so i guess you just back off the throttle or turn the motor off?
maybe thats what they meant by de-clutch the rotor
just back off on the throttle so you get a bit less friction
vs if its slipping
well, half slipping, like in between
also maybe to avoid motor locking the bearing somehow from some sort of impulse from it blowing up
seems like a pilot type of precaution, dont think just do this because sometimes it might matter 5%
blackmoon: like if the motor didnt just stop, it was like, jerking
or the drivetrain was skipping teeth so slowing then massive impulse, over and over

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the masses wont be matched though
i think the heli mass is just so huge compared to the rotors it would take forever for it to get the heli to spin
plus theres probably isnt much friction
right, heli bearings are prob god bearings
but im basically agreeing, it would take way longer than the event for it to put any kind of noticable spin on it
maybe if you wer dropped from space
like by the end you have maybe a hz of rotation
that is cool
i wonder if they work better or worse when they wear
yeah but you can throw actual bearings on either side
thats kind of just a cool coupler

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im not sure but in one explanation that was like, the first ste
yeah but maybe it was a little heli they were explaining, shrug
was basically, 1) disengage rotor clutch 2) set blade pitch to neutral 3) hold on for a bit
like, you are mostly just correcting gyro orientation if it seems like you will pitch or roll over
right im saying they try not to use it
because it bleeds of intertia
seems like they mostly dont have to
can you decouple the two?
i though they were like, common throttle but independent pitch
is the bearing like per rotor or per drivetrain?

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the turbine is still going
kind of blown away by that
insane amount of rigidity somewhere
spooldown almost sounded normal
yeah the tone doesnt change at all while the heli is falling apart
like, it just gets loud when it rips of whatever it was mounted to and isnt sucking through the intakes anymore
the motor doesnt even feel the impact
like, the tone doesnt even warble
thats so fucking cool
i think it might be controlled
like, i think there is some kind of clutch so they can auto rotate if the engine just stops

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its really like like, 20ft in a lot of vids ive seen
for little helicopters
yeah if you managed it on its belly and werent crazy high
commercials ones prob not, but they prob wont let you reuse a lot of the gear after a crash
dont think ive seen that
oh right this one

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yeah they practice this somehow
you basically kind of fluff the attack angle on the blades so you just have enough to keep yourself stable
but you almost want to be falling lick a rock until you dont have to be, because that saves the most rotor momentum
theres a lot of cool vids of them practicing
youre like NOOOOOOOOOOoooo and then its like, reg landing
like, you basically try and let it fall without spinning out too bad
but in a lot, they will let it yaw a surprising amount
you get the impression that they do this a lot to feel safe, like very fluid at the end
also i think its basically a fuck-it-all variation of how they normally land

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i think its really cool a calm heli pilot can get the shit down fine without a motor
like, the 'shits okay' envelope is really big
like, i think a few stories to several hundred feet or something
like, depends how fast the rotors are going, how heavy, how quick you disengage the rotor clutch and set the blade attack angle neutral
but like i guess its practiced a ton so lot of helicopter accidents not so bad
theres some way to disengage, but i iamgine its different depending on the motor
like, pretty sure some are piston shit?
prob depends a lot on the specific heli
yeah so they put pitch close to zero to keep blades spinning
and when they are close to the ground, they put the pitch attack to insane
and slow down, then use last bit of intertia to try and land it

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haha @ russian controls
does it just let the blades go and wait a bit?
honestly helicopters dont seem bad at all for the passengers
its like, everything else around them
wait thewyll hit?
kevtris: theres a delay, its like fighter jets
or its like, a two step lever
oh sure
i mean at that point everything else has gone wrong in your day
i think with fighter pilots setups its like, a canopy eject and then the seat trigger is like a dead mans switch
like, operating it pulls your arms close to you

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ccfl_man: deop and voice him if you want
i think thats how we had him before, like eggsalad
i was just opping everyone to make sure something active was opped
what is DC?
why is the blackhawk control panel in russian?
this sounds like an interesting timeline
i think an apache in sim with good VR would be awesome
anything with a vision tracking turret and eyepiece display

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a lot of my machine instructors worked aerospace
wont fly on planes, they know the QA percentage for various types of parts
almost nothing is 100% checked
'wtf that means Paul Did iT, those were scrap'
pretty sure you can stop that with a phone call

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crashed dads car and became a coke head?
is he happy about carpet?
dos: yup, im totaly fucking trash in kevtris's book
i just steal from him, and contribute not enough
i fall into categories youve talked about before whether you realized or not
i mean, you can say you didnt mean me, but you basically described me at various points in my life
and made it clear you dont think i should have been assisted to get me to this place
not like airliner parts all get inspected

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and he probably wouldnt be kevtris
how do you know you would have gotten along?
i hung out with mostly stoners, but had a lot of kind of straight edge or dorky friends
honestly, people change a lot after high school
like, high school doesnt seem to correlate to a lot
some stoners are just frustrated by the structure, some are just burnouts, some just like weed and eventualloy get over weed
yeah but youre a fuckin genius kevtris
yeah but you think poor people are robbing you
i guess because they are not all geniuses

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rab: sorry, you are a clearly an exception
rab: and i mean sorry im not going to stop
well if you can think of a more specific way to say it that doesnt bother you, ill do that
but thats definitely a very specific and now problematic group of people
yeah well im a high school dropout and basically didnt go to real school for years, shrug
i put work and made up for it
shrug, i learned some chem and math
did well enough that learning electronics was cake
i was in group homes
kevtris: shrug, thats pretty much done
geek kids are a lot more popular in general, theyre more useful to have around
like half the stoners i know didnt do shit
why do you think the burnouts would have done better?
but you probably wouldnt be you

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so to people that do follow politics, a lot of what you say is like, straight off the weekly chopping block
like, facebook seems to be doing well at influencing what you are thinking about
thats not true
but thanks for making it clear you dont want to make any effort
well, im more down for the 2nd ammendment than most republicans
republican talking points are weak and pussyfoot around the issue
they dont have the balls to say why we have them
fuck recreation, self-defence and hunting
2nd ammendment is about enabling us to do what we did when we comitted treason against the crown for our independence
well its nice to know where you dont get your information from
anyway, looks like russians dumped all sorts of money directly into trumps campaign via cohen and the NRA
so like, explain that away

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haha, yes in many cases
but if you think russia had zero influence, sorry you got played
did they throw the election themselves?
no of course not
the republican and democrat candidates did that very well for themselves
did they have some unknown influence?
of course they did
kevtris you cant claim that because you critically think, you know these ads arent influencial
than make a point about people dont critically think
which is it
kevtris there were thousands and a lot of republicans are really stupid because homeschooled and religious
and they rightfully were in a rage cloud because fuck hollary clinton
*hillary, anyway fuck her
look if you actually followed politics, youd have some idea how fucked we are by the decision we made
but you dont, so i guess continue to think what you do from watching facebook
like, i mean honestly, you act like the shit doesnt matter and its all everyone else, but you dont know enough so dont criticize you

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like, people in #cars with similar views as you were posting blatantly fake shit
like, shit that says YO IM A NEWS AGGREGATOR
links to another site with diff colored but same template as source
links to third site, same
last site is like, 404 on an white extremist page
hosted in romania
people got played kevtris
blackmoon: im using them as RC filter for a lot of shit im going to be averaging
like, pressure sensors and load cells with slow rate of change
but the output impedance filters and common mode cap on the instrumentation amp gonna be boosted 1000x
so im worried there
kevtris: sorry dude, youre side isnt down with education
home school fucktards
most of your views do, though
you can try and distance yourself from them
but the things you say are mostly said by one side
kevtris: just like most everyone else
no one has control
thats why everyone is frustrated
thats why russian trolling works
we do the same thing
we influenced the election that put yeltsin in
no offense kevtris but i dont think you should be teaching anything other than electronics
kevtris: if thats your solution, you solution sucks
there will always be a section of the population who cant think as critically

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guys, i got instrumentation amp at 60dB gain, maybe only like 54dB in final thing, anyway it makes shit big
i just threw some through hole MLCC type shit on there
but probably i should switch to film or something so i dont get weird microphonic impulses?
enough space to throw little box caps
is through hole because on same board as through hole pressure sensors and dsub connector, so i just used through hole instrumentation amp and passives
kevtris: honestly if you havent been following details is a bit late for detailed understanding
kevtris: by stirring up desperate people looking for someone to pin blame on
pretty basic psychology
its not like any one thing did it
but its pretty clear that people are simple as fuck to stire up
a year ago?
cmon people on reddit been pointing out the obvious trolls since like 2015
tons of russian and romanian sites hosting right wing shit

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