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my unkle had a half tabbly half linx
was like, short hair main coon with huuuuuge paws
when he was not okay with something, he would just put his paw on your arm, and pull his claws out only enough so they hit your skin
obviously the dogs didnt fuck with it

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lynx is like having a pit bull who doesnt understand pack mind
better make sure thing isnt ever hungry

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holy shit
there is a new version of the newhaven LCD i was going to use
its like, serial instead of parallel hd44780 wtf
and it has a little plastic frame with mount ears
im like, do i glue this to the polycarbonate shield, do i put it on the board with some foam standoff

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im not sure
shit even if the chuwi is a brick, was kind of worth it, lasted whole semester
i still have the dell d830 w/ the bigger 1920x1200 screen, its just heavy

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shit even if the chuwi is a brick without work, was kind of worth it, lasted whole semester
maybe back to working computer that is heavy like a brick

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timecop: i think chuwi charger microusb died
make drugs cheaper for citizens?
naw fuckit lets make them cost more for everyone
jimmy might get autism from mercury poisoning

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jero32: ideal listening position will prob be smaller
like you may notice more when you move your head around versis bheing in the same plane
but aimed directly at your face, the differences might be minimal
it depends on polar patterns and reflections so i cant really give a good answer
like it might sound diff at all
*might not
you can set left and right both ways and try and AB like that with some sort of left/right pan control
like one high one normal
but really you should switch and try both ways like that
because each will have a different sound because diff proximity to all your stuff, even tho same distance to your head
dunno, probably poorly
i would try and put them close to the ends
prob get really good soundstage like that
for the games
what about the bike?
gimme a price on the bike

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my WRT54 has a bunch of envelopes covering its vent holes

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im still using a WRT54GL =\

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so like, din rail shit in a box, and big machine to drill the window trim brackets
or this giant iron square tube thing for sawing dog ears into planks to make fence posts
like, the saws were all fenced in, couldnt even see the blades, hook in so you can swap blades disconnected on a bench
but the feed mech was like, square tubes spikes perpendicular welded to 1" wide chain links
giant delrin skid and tension plates
air bag locating system to do diff size posts
shit was like 8 feet tall, 15 feet long, spike chain wrapping around the whole thing
was fucking glorious
i thought asus was the hot shit consumer net device now?

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i didnt ask but i think hes tracking on peaks to deal with repeats
also there was the normal automation projects
all mechanicals and mechatronics do a two semester capstone project together, 4 to 5 member groups
companies pay $5k, and we get a $5k budget
i talked to my bike cart boss homie, hes a manufacturing guy, and he says theyre talking about integrating those guys into the sponsored projects
because the manufacturing guys give huuuge fab insights on the projects they end up helping with
like, im basically all the DFM and DFA on my project, would be awesome to have a manufacturing bro

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theyre prob opencv and some serial interface
rab: when i saw i was like, FUCK, and asked if he was just dropping FFT to tabs
and hes like, ya
but eright, i would have never thought of it, and it seems like he got pretty far with a pretty simple implementation
i think hammerons dont work because kind of a fast slide
its like a drum hit, its higher pitch for maybe not even a cycle while things are stetched, then it decays into the normal note
like, i fret my bass too hard and lift a lot of my notes, same shit
really want a fretless neck with sunk in fret marks

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rab: ee kid did some auto guitar tab software
for his capstone project
like, FFT and some thresholds, says it doesnt work for hammerones but looks like itll do picked stuff and catch most chords
isolated guitar
and another kid used some $80 video processing boards to do a free throw analyzer
like, you wear colored headband, ball has a sticker so you can catch rotation
and the shit pops out like, angle, backspin and launch velocity, pops it out on a terminal
was like, pixy somethings, and a raspi
the pixy things pop out XY data for colored objects in video

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rab: think so thanks
and some of the stuff looks same

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trying this stuff

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and that project went smooth because i just step-dir'd it with an stm32 disco using some motion profile to step timing algorithm from eetimes article
and the kids all found some arduino library that mostly worked

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macegr: beeep beeep beeep
pls2 msg me the name of company you worked for
i want to show to my automation prof
his shit is straight outta the 90s, i gotta teach him to mcu
like, they teach us ARM Cortex-M for two semesters, in asm and C, and hes basically like HEY USE THIS SHIT WITH CRAZY MADE UP LANGUAGES BECAUSE QUICK
the programming interfaces never seem to act the same way twice
like, the only thing that worked great was the little microstep drive, it was like, new kitten size and down to like 4096 microsteps, 26 khz pwm

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