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dude the song
honestly the whole movie is okay but that scene is great

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music in other two is super funny

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i really dont think its at the same level as holy grail
i dont remember enough of meaning of life to have a real opinion
is there a lot of musical parts?
im sure ive seen it all the way through, but ive never felt like rewatching it since a kid
maybe i just didnt like the few songs they did in it

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brave new world didnt work on me
at the end i was like, thats it? lame. and the shocking things just seemed like reg life
life of brian was kind of like that first time
like, jezus was just another guy hung out on a cross, lots of 'messiah' in jerusalem back in the day
so its about like, another random jezus
like, probably there is other takeaways, but thats kind of where i settled, makes sense rewatching
and thats maybe the whole joke, and besides that its just a well done movie

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life of brian is more like the princess bridge, its more involved, you have to know whats going on for a lot of the great moments
like, its actually a movie, with a plot, and an arc, and a resolution
i never considered it, but yeah its just gotta be weird for very religious people
yeah i had to watch it a couple times, i was pretty young tho
11 or 13, who knows
was like usual suspects
by the end of first watch you get it, what theyre trying to say
and second or third watch, you actually understand
burny: oh like you mean it didnt seem shocking or a big deal?

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like everyone i know says diff one is best, i think holy grail is up there with kurosawa and kubrick, i think the other ones require too much thinking, the scenes dont hold up on their own
like, watching life of brian starting at a random point and its confusing and doesnt make a lot of sense
holy grail is same but whole movie is confusing and a lot of the comedy is in things not making sense, so its still pretty funny if you dont know whats going on
its a sketch comedy masterpiece, the others are good movies
yeah, good call

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burny: flying circus was weekly sketch comedy, plus a badass animator on great drugs
its like SNL, its hit or miss if youre not watching best of compilations
holy grain (amazing), life of brain (love it), meaning of life (is okay) were movie production, they had a lot of money and a lot more time compared to flying circus
the movies are pretty different, in terms of like polished production to sketch comedy spectrum

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woah cool
mic and button pod on my koss headphones kills cable microphonics
on the side without the pod, microphonic all the way to the Y coupler
dis, blue red and black on the headband are silicone rubber

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sometimes bootleg tapes, mostly bootleg CD, plus all his used cds and records
and you would give gideon a bunch of your cds, which you had basically stolen from BMG shipped music service
and he would give you one awesome bootleg, with music that basically only you had locally, that was impossible to find at normal music store
the record labels hated this even

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jero32: k so your normal techy
it might have been some sony tape shit
like there was that chromium whatever tape, and it has some sort of noise reduction eq or who knows
like two companies made it, sony and who knows
well, at first
but if you really loved that tape, eventually it would get warbles
yeah when its got ADAT data on it
we went to the little record shop
where i grew up, it was cd trader and roundhouse records
and roundhouse was run by a guy named gideon, whose daughter was a flowery hippie girl about our age
you would go and see what he had

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they should have made a 1:1 statue of this guy, and had the fucking art department do it for few $k
its your place
just cant have people over so much
my mom or sister see my place clean: 'did a girl come over?'
i dont have two sinks and i got no counter space
and my CNC is 6ft from my toaster oven
like, i take out the trash
rab: dolby S was on 90s tapes?
i thought it was like, one better
also at the end there was switches for EQ profiles for specific tape materials

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what do you mean, im going to school
i ran out of money, because it never added up
thats was the decision
the longer i wait, to save money to make an entire education not a financial issue, the less the ROI of the education
the earlier i do it, the harder it is in the short term, but the best ROI on education
the maths said drop everything as soon as I felt i learned enough from being a technician, and go back to uni
badass engineers i worked with agreed
and it was the original plan, because i doubled my income in way less time than i had imagined
im living off well under 1/4 of what i earned last couple years working
and its not like its just me, fellow kids are working their asses off while going to class
fees are going up
school bought a $100k statue instead of hiring another teacher
and its ugly as fuck

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naw, too many middle genders here already got that covered, theyd beat me up
thats how i paid rent last summer
cars been gone
i bike and zipcar
it was an investment, it was used up, i got out before it depreciated completely
anyway, i got food stamps
so now i dont starve
so its kind of like, whatever
i string this out until semester is over
and i either make them drop dollars on court shit
because i dunno fuckit
or i do what i did with last one
which is call them day of, and say how much do you want?
i talked other bank from like, $650/mo or something dumb to like, $35 or $50, have to check
other collectors call and literally go "wtf happened, man?"
because i have >8 years no missed payments, lots of accounts, paid off car
and then boom, stop paying everything
prob looks the same when you die

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jero32: does it have tracking cursors?
if it only has dumb cursors dont get it
you want something that sticks to the trace and gives a value
ya me too, sucks
another bank is sueing me
the county cop who served me like, YOURE ALMOST DONE, SCHOOL IS #1 KEEP GOING!
like, hurt cop, so they got him doing civil court stuff, nice guy
probably because i stopped paying them money for debt
school budget never made sense, unless i saved money until i was like 60, so this and starving over summers was always the end game
me: 'no idea how i paid off my car'
bought food w/ credit card is how

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shit is so fucking heavy
i miss it
related ISO and IEC standards on the second line
surprisingly, testing headphones vs some standard is pretty easy-bake compared to speakers
jero did i just agree to keylogger
gezien, bewaard
i like this language
i dunno man i just type what i see
it says cookies and made me click a thing and i did so i cant tell you what the cookies dialog said
bc i already have keylogger
thanks jero

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you can run tuned cavities w/ gras or b&k measurements mics in a gun muff isolation test fixture, and get better headphone measurements that measurement mics in a fake HATS
this is almost more standardized than active speaker measurement
damped freefield is not how theyre loaded when stuck to the side of your head, its a tuned cavity
k im done

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you dont have to claim
you measure that shit on a HATS and publish the data with your HATS ear simulator spec
you can get a HATS ear simulator that actually looks like an ear
yeah most of those arent on a GRAS or B&K HATS with spec cavities
its just a foam head with measurement mics stuck inside
so the headphones are running freefield
so pretty useless for cross reference
its just measurement mic in a foam head
ive seen pics
their HATS is not really a HATS
the HATS isnt even the important part
the tuned cavities are

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2.1 and mono might become the standards
because mono is the most appropriate for live sound distribution
anyway, pan knob and lever mixing is dead, it just doesnt know it yet
why would you when you can mix with 3d FP mouse look?
even old fuck producers are excited

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movie mix producers want full 3d arbitrary point source channel user interface now
and music producers dont want to be left behind
almost all music is going to be produced to support video in the near future
because thats what the majority of producers want right now
its what the professionals in engineering societies want
which means its what corporate engineering labs want
people buy whats marketed and available
the people investing are the hardware companies and production companies
and the money is already flowing into research
pathways are drawn, its about which ones dominates
but all this stuff absolutely will be available at some price point in 3-5 years
then its up to the production artists to make it marketable, we just give them the tools
but they want it, bad
it will be downmixed
this is already how music is produced now
you mix for 5.1 and tweak and downmix to stereo
and i think 2.1 is going to become a music standard anyway
it solves too many issues to go that direction, makes no sense not to since physical media is almost completely dead

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*announced layoffs in a blog post
there is but you wouldnt know without the ability to ABX test
in your situation, you want something that sounds right to you
and that isnt missing anything when you AB versus headphones
atmos isnt going away
and surround mixes are going to be insane
like, AR and VS spec shit
i think its going to be for literally everything
imagine watching a pannable live stream
race car, building tour, whatever
and you can pan the video, and the entire soundstage pans with the video seemlessly
custom to your sound field
thats whats coming in 5-10 years
this already comes up at AES lecture question and answers

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if you want wireless surround, but a sonos system
everything else is a joke
lots of shakeup at corporate in the last few years
CEO announced layoffs in a job posts, pivoted whole company to voice recognition, only new product is the 5 year old play:1 + alexa
but the existing tech is great, big head start on synced stereo and surround wireless and multiroom
i think qualcomm has a chip now
because the sonos DSP genius mfkr (super nice guy) left sonos and went to qualcomm, heh

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but for rear channel frequencies, you can reflect rather well
efexx: were not talking about that
yeah you can do that
and it will get into your fronts for sure
but if it sounds good, go with it
theaters have shit sound
theyre just loud with speakers along the walls
anyway, a wall behind a couch is probably a better situation for rear source than an open assymetric space behind (most living rooms)
dipoles work, they kind of mix everything up
you basically get like, and average of all possible planar reflections, which is def gonna reverb nice
but it effectively becomes an ambient channel instead of a rear
7.1 with dipole sides makes sense
sjoow, run it along the base trim, under carpet or tacked against the floor and wall
or whatever indoor cable matches your trim

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its going to make 7.1 look primitive
shrug, thats not the same as abritary source location mixing and reproduction
basically, everything is going to have a 3d gaming audio processor built in
and cool shit will have sensors to locate its speakers and setup the sound field automatically
so fire it at the wall
put the speakers along the side walls
and point them at the wall so first reflection is back of the couch
itll work
itll maybe work even better
rears are almost always ambient channels in surround mixes
so spreading that source out could be a huge soundstage improvement
you want front diring
and you want them close to the walls
to minimize first reflection and dominate other reflections
he wants rear channels
not dipole sides
you want the signal to come from behind, from the wall in this case
not from everywhere
jero32: i would put them along the sidewalls, facing the rear wall, so the reflect to the corners of the couch
basically aimt for maybe a foot to the left and right of the couch, if it is against the wall
polar response will take care of the rest
well, play with it
thats kind of all you can do in a real room

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neither is home audio
omni speakers exist
they fire up into spherical or conical reflectors
you place stereo speakers
and you live with reflections
because itd fuckin sound all kinds of wrong without the reflections anyway
like headphones
poor soundstage
your room is basically a room reverb effect
efexx: that wont work if you turn your head
how youre explaining it
atmos provides arbitrary locating and an overhead capability
some systems
mixing is going to change drastically
its going to be more like a gaming environment
3d, with a listening position, and the ability to arbitrarily place point source channels in your mix
atmos needs a few years to show what it can do
mixing software has to catch up
and producers need to learn how to push the technology
by the time thats setup, tiny atmos speakers will be standard
give it 5 to 10 years
its basically paradigm shift in surround tech

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and you cant get C0G for reasonable prices in small packages
so you have to tune filters for small caps
which can be a noise source, because bigger resistors
through hole film box caps make a lot of sense for filters
fan controller, ceramic is prob fine

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i dont like it but i think its a good service
circuitmaker is basically altium code
so its pretty premium as far as cloud apps
tubaman: im trying to use ceramic for as much as possible now
like, im using through hole kemet goldmax X7R for current thing
50V up to 3.3uF
i just put three in parallel
theyre maybe 0.5" tall
more space, but not polarized, well behaved, SMD standard pretty much
they come in 0.2" pitch, theyre pretty fat for the big ones so check that
theyre microphonic
you can get film NP0/C0G for that stuff
everything else, X7R is usually good

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jero32: they do
but its not free
im pretty sure there is a subscription
two i think?
i think you get two free private designs
i dont think its a bad model, people should be able to pop out gerbers for free for personal stuff
it doesnt make any sense for commercial which is exactly the point

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anyway you seem mostly done as far as routing, so just try and make it clean looking, and then re-evaluate stuff like crossovers and grounding
then hold your breath and export, feed to some DFM checker
free use has to be public
normal cloudy shit
altium circuit maker is same
i considered using it but then ignored once i realized

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yeah thats pretty good, looks like you get it
like, one you kind of get everything where you want and its mostly routed, easy to go through and shove traces and fatten stuff up
jero32: reload old link
probably works
ya, looks neat
tubaman: see where you did the parallel power and ground traces?
thats actually good, its like more capacitors on your power
for the super high frequencies
tubaman: to jeros point, once you are almost done, just start trying to give it 'the look'
like, you have seen hundreds of pro PCB in your life, they all have a similar look, with regards to trace spacing and widths for power vs signal

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most EDA also have more than one ground symbol, with unique associated nets, so there is usually some way to link them
like, AGND, PGND, GND, EARTH, whatever

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or like, do star ground on the bottom, then do a shield pour on same side as diff net, then bridge them at the input caps
so you basically have a ground layer with your star ground and a shield ground
power on that layer makes sense, DC voltage from low impedance source looks like ground to AC junk
then all signals and maybe some shield traces up top, pretty easy to route usually
diff nets and a bridge component
every EDA handles that a little diff
but any serious EDA has solved that issue
in eagle i would do a component that had the copper bridge in the shape i wanted, they have a few included parts for that, pretty sure

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bring them back to the PSU cap seperate
jero32: a lot of his stuff is big pors with like, keepout lines
like, my split big pours look like one giant pour unless you look close
i literally just draw a line in EAGLE where i want to split
the pour shape is usually big rectangle
yerah stuff like that, you kind of want two pours
or an analog pour and just fat traces for power return
like, ground planes work for shielding to
so a lot of stuff, i will star ground with signal traces, and do a big dead pour for a shield
and maybe connect some signal power stuff to it near the star ground point

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but locally, your boards should have one ground ref, whatever that means for your application
tubaman: pwm is a typical ground interference case
like, if you are doing an ADC, you can fix it by averaging samples usually
pretty much always i think
ground planes should be cut up
at the very least into local circuit areas
solid pour is better shielding
its lower impedance
it doesnt look as cool
hence why grid pours are popular with MAKE:DURs
they figured that out before they figured out how to line connectors up with grids in eagle
gotta get those origins proper, yo
rab: yeah exactly
split up planes with an effort to avoid capacitive coupling from other circuits is prob ideal
pretty sure thats how kevtris rolls

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like, the ground traces stop being part of the power distribution system, and can be considered a parasitic resistive element of the grounded components
you have ONE ground, and predictable parasitics
thats kind of the goal
truth, for your shit it probably doesnt matter
but in general, it reduces drama regarding ground loops, and ground coupled interference
you circuits will be boring
if you want to get hardcore paranoid, cross the power ground returns, like for the fan, at right angles with other traces
jero32: you can carry the star through
other stuff, there is balanced and shielded interconnects
optical coupling

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like, usually the best way is to put the caps right on the input connector, big fat trace between
and then ground traces sized for individual components, straight back to the star node
i think on your board itll come out good because you managed almost all routing on one side
bus grounding turns the ground trace into a voltage divider at high currents
like, if you had say 10A dump into one end of the bus, and it lifts its end of the ground trace to 0.2V, skinny trace
that means a ground point halfway down the bus is at 0.1V, not 0.0V
if you star ground, even if the current lifts the star, all ground references will be 0.1V, for example
as far as the system knows, everything might as well be 0.0v

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try and star ground to the big capacitor on your power input
C2 and C6
like, consider running all grounds on the bottom
yeah the header i think
run them from the part straight back to C2/C6 ground
like, look at those capacitors as your local power supply, and do your best to star ground to that
in most cases, longer star grounds work out better than short bussed grounds, because current dumped into that trace will lift the voltage of ground nodes
star grounds, ground is ground
if enough current happens to lift the star ground node, it lifts it for the entire system the same amount
ground stays ground

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tubaman: i would try that as an alternative to kicad

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yeah seems ok
ill have to try it out, maybe good suggestions for fellow kids at school
yeah that seems to be the new hook
free shit for your cloud infos
i bet some have some interesting details in the EULA about IP ownership
tho id guess its more likely theyd open src license them
just so they can always use the content
would go a lot father in court like that
shit i wonder if i updated the fuse holder lib with the mount peg hole
maybe didnt update from library

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altium exports ^
well, loaded into solidworks

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if you are really paranoid you can use a schottky and limit reverse voltage to like 0.1V instead of 0.7V, but prob overkill
tubaman: right, if you just use the diode part, so a diode fits, you can put a 0R there instead
sculptor: macegr gonna have to sue feather
ha the 3M box header silk is all super detailed
i cut mine off for the RA stuff
put a board edge reference on the mechanical layer, and keep silkscreen like .05" from the edge
im doing crazy shit with altium tho
like, 2nd day i was full custom 3d models, multiboard w/ connected busses
mostly shit works intuitively

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prob doesnt matter, just a fan
also maybe a reverse biased diode across the LDO
10k is usually fine
if not you need to turn off the tesla coil
where you have the 0R bypass for the LDO, if you put a diode there, and you short out the input voltage cap after it was powered on, like while testing, it wont reverse voltage across the LDO
like, your part maybe doesnt care, or maybe you voltage is low enough it wont die, but its there on a lot of L7805 and LM317 circuits
with the reverse diode, when you short out the input cap, it pulls down the output voltage too

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you draw circuits funny
lm335 reference is not connected
its just shunt?
prob should put a pulldown on the fan npn base
you could prob just wire both, heh
yeah but to ground
so fan doesnt flip on if other stuff is unpowered or hi-z

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11:42:41 <@Rab> Goddammit, some fiend from .nl has caused me to poison my aliexpress cookies so nl.aliexpress.com is the default. With everything in their incomprehensible moon language.
tecan: dont buy cheap off brand china shit
buy legit sound company china shit
ive never had those issues with a usb interface
all the hum issues ive seen with laptops involved miniplug connections
all of the focusrite stuff ive used acted the same, down to their $50 iOS/PC interface
and i never got laptop hum with behringer interfaces
wtf is easy eda

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