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really it was go to sleep

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like, long side and short side are diff filter element

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like, might as well just run some threaded pipe inside some pvc pipe
for RF power stuff, i think pipe and buss bar is typical
and power RF, rectangle tube waveguides are standard thing
like, some are still attached at abandoned long lines microwave towers
blackmoon: see the tubes at the bottom of the horns?
the tubes are square, and you can tune 'C' and 'L' of the tuned circuit by driving screws into the sides

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even that little half wall

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timecop: what in the fuck
blackmoon: thats one example, typically just a lot of surfaces that break up straight line reflection
so thats cool because you can place vocalists or musicians in diff locations and get different tones
like, would sound different singing right next to one of those black and red panels, vs by the random length hex wall

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its really simply trig
you would have to have multiple reflecting sources exactly the same distance, and across multiple spectra
so you would need a series reflectors, at different but perfectly matched distances
like, standing still these conditions would be rare
and moving, it would be momentary if it happened at all
real life tends to contain a lot of random shapes, and a decent amount of damping
which is honestly a really good listening situation
the better studios use randomly shaped damping panels, like 2ft q-bert looking shit, precisely because it randomizes reflections and sounds more natural
thats not totally true
mid freq, were actually phase aware
thats how we track directionality
blackmoon: truth, sec i can prob find good pic

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blackmoon: you basically phase match for a crossover frequency and listening position
because the reasons you said, basically
also speaker tuning is basically per room
phase matching at xover frequency assumes quasi anechoic
like, your reflections will be attenuated enough that the source wave will be dominant
if not, thats the users problem
automated room equalization is either for a single point or averages, in which case it wont help as much and may make issues worse in some locations
also, in systems i measured, the equalization is very, very low q
like, it aint pinpointing shit
its just voicing the system
like, high shelf and low shelf, bump or cut 3 to 6 dB
like, its not really any sort of precision correction in most cases, despite marketing
21:47:42 < burny> afaik, most RL audio has the reflections dominating the original audio source (but not in listening rooms)
thats just not true in a setup that doesnt suck
the math is very simple
reflected energy is attenuated to to longer travel paths
and reflected energy rarely sums perfectly
yeah i still dont agree

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18:47:24 <+jero32> if you add a subwoofer, should one remove the bass frequencies from the woofer , or can both the woofer and subwoofer do their thing without running into each other too much?
the point of a subwoofer if to remove low end from your mid frequency drivers
because the mid frequencies will distort at high excursion
so running a subwoofer without a crossover, youre losing most of the benefit of a subwoofer
if you absolutely must, you need to phase match
and since no crossover, phase matching is only going to work right in a small spectrum

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he can say what he wants, he blew his credibility
i mean, the thing is he didnt just blow his crediblity
he basically put a bright yellow and pink sign stating WORK HERE AND WE WILL FUCK YOU AT OUR PLEASURE

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yeah so did the guys who did kerbal space sim
rocket science is 70s bling
musk failed hard on mass production of a medium cost vehicle
so from a DFM/DFA advocate like me, musk is pretty much a head in the clouds fool repeating mistakes the industry left behind 20 and 30 years ago
also doing a round of layoffs and call them performance firing is pathetic
you get to pick, you can be a liar or you can be incompetant at hiring
neither is positive

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americans prob cant even make relays anymore
old stuff isnt even worth considering

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