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yeah internets say theyll get to 80mhz
dunno how much i trust that to always work
so 40Hz refresh @ spi max assuming you can keep the spi pipe full

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but right i think you can double buffer in ascii and just pull the px maps from flash, and im not sure its a big penalty vs doing it all in px
because you have to convert ascii to px at some point
at 1mhz, 32b words happen at like 31khz max
if thats 2 px...
((1000000/32)/240)/320 = 0.406
like 2 second refresh rate

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right but im saying do you double buffer in characters
and just convert character to px one at a time
so like, read buffer character, load character px map, feed to spi, repeat
then you dont even need mem for px
maybe pretty quick
just keep it in mem, its always gonna be less to store the messages in ascii
so like, px maps in flash, you prob need those anyway
then messages in mem
naw its cool
i googled for the products, hardware looks nice

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so 15360 word, 61440 bytes
so if you want a local buffer, it fits if you can get the rest of your into ~16k
it should be okay i think
is it a static image?
like some indicators?
mostly stays the same?
just do it with some sort of char map
like try not to save the pixels, just save the terminal characters
and just have you code push little character buffers

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min usable would be 6 bits
well, assuming you wanted an even spectrum
because 3 bits, youre only going to get 7 colors
is it 32b?
esp8266, ya
6b color, you can put 5px in a 32b word w/ 2b waste
76800 px for 320x240

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then you just take your 8b color var and put it in uint8_t_var[1]
and its basically same as *256 but you dont have to do anything, not even shifts
oh duh yeah i did not think about that
im always dealing with samples of one thing
there ways to bitwise shit but i think it was kind of useless

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im aware, its why i havent done anything with it
by laughing to the bank
actually its because im lazy
i have one in a pile of electronics junk like 8" from me
lcd libs for esp8266?
anyway, you can do a union of a uint8_t[2] and a uint16_t

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you know from an mcu perspective, thats not bad
and esp8266 is arguably not even a microcontroller
its 8b color?
do you need that?
yeah but you can store as less and just fixed point it up to 16b
simplest and fastest way is probably to do unions
this is c i think?

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sculptor: basically giant thermocouples
thats how the little reactors work?
like on sats and stuff?
right im asking if thats how non-steam reactors works in general
how big is that?
1974, maybe as big as it looks heh
wtf is vacuum-foil insulation

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well imagine big heatsinks with peltiers covering the fins upside down in water in the sun
in the spring after a cold winter on a very deep lake
at 5pm
you could maybe light up sign
not like, a road sign
or even a very important sign
this peltier thing requires a lot of qualifiers

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burny: the peltier will only be able to convert a fraction of the energy you mentioned
in this case i think youre mostly going to be using the heat from the floats for the panels and maintenance walkways

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yeah sounds right, as you mentioned theyre not great for cooling

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no its prob like, 2% in a fire
i think as a primary producer of energy, peltiers prob a waste of space vs other tech
but as some sort of supplemental tech to build onto primary energy generators, maybe worth exploring
things get developed to the point that 0.5% shit becomes meaningful. if we survive that long we probably in a good place
and i only think it would work on this because the water is a giant thermal energy sink, so you can leverage daily thermal cycles, and seasonal transitions
or maybe on aluminum panel frames when it snows
and i imagine the peltier panels would have to be as big as the solar panels to get even small gains
5% efficient vs what?

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shrug, i would assume theyre buying panels and the frame is the heatsink
and anything you could do to cool the panels, you could still get even more energy by doing some sort of peltier gap between the pontoons and water
wether its like a 2% thing or a 0.002% thing, who knows
someone who does the math
its prob an engineering nightmare
from a materials and fab perspective, in an environmental reliability context
burny i think the companies who sell the panels know zero about large peltiers for natural water applications
and the level of feature creep on that would prob make the pontoon panel company's engineers cry

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no i think he just means to capture energy from the sun heating up the assembly
its actually a super good idea in this application
because the water will provide the temp delta you need
ah, but the assembly looks like all plastic
so insulating
even then, though
you could just cover the surface thats submerged to create a peltier barrier between the floats and the water
to panels work that much better when running cool?
and the peltiers will prob move heater better than the pontoon plastic
yeah i dont think your idea is very practical because the heatsinks would have to be in the water with the panels close to the water, and itd be mounted to the cool side of the panel
like, it would require changing their float assembly

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why would there be more or less heat energy than just the water?
sure but i think in both cases, youre not going to get most of the light back
to make more power
i thought you were trying to like, warm a thing to save on heating costs or who knows
tecan_: do the maths

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synth: the paper stuff or plastic stuff?
the paper tape works best
at tube work, they had paper tape dispenser, like, crank pulls tape across wet sponge
the plastic stuff you can get at box stores here
tho not very much complained to clear stuff
you got one chance
i did not have such issues
ha, there was a range of optimum juicy
so i imagine its diff from shop to shop
thats diff
it looks like reinforcement tape, except made by japanese

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if you dont have money you shouldnt be doing this

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for speaker cable?
for psu output, for psu input, wtf are you talking about
oh car shit
buy from parts exrpress or crutchfield
honestly gauge doesnt matter so much, insulation type and thickness does
who cares if cable has 50% more copper area if the insulation melts at half the temp

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