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pa guys just figure out what works for their random situations and try and keep it mostly the same, they have no time and their deadlines are firm

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anyway what ideal electronically isnt what is taught to studio techs because they usually dont have enough information about the gear to know exactly how hard they can push each piece before it distorts
and with DSP and DAWS a lot of that doesnt matter so much anymore as long as you dont FUBAR the last stage
what is taught is like, best practice learned from working with a lot of gear and dealing with the expected lowest common denominator as a matter of habit
and then studio guys will kind of explore the limits of each piece, they have time, they get paid more if it takes longer

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you cant gaurantee that w/ a live setup
well, you can but youd be throwing away a lot of performance
anything with a transducer input
if you divide audio into four categories...
home, studio, stage, and commercial
only home rarely or never deals with transducer input
all other have to deal with dynamic range and potential feedback, unmastered source material, and a tough decision between shit noise floor with dynamic range, or audiblity
compressors work but they bring up the noise floor
so you can add a noise gate
but that reduces your dynamic range by adding an offset

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also im not sure push pull tube amplifiers need to be super inefficient
it would be expensive maybe, to do low loss output transformer, and youd maybe have trouble selling MOSFET bridge SMPS on a tube amp
i still want to do a 12ax7 between some burr brown or that amps
maybe a good altium project

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sculptor: hard clipping is the disadvantage
THD vs Power plot basically flat then through the roof
tube amps have a softer knee, even though they start with higher distortion, so they have more of a compressor effect
vs the solid state amp distortion pedal effect
in general a solid state amplifier adds nothing
its useless except as a buffer
or a distortion pedal

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spybert: bullshit
tube amps and gear are used in studios a lot
they have known characteristics, theyre desirable in many ways, and its a legit as any other type of processing equipment
are audiophiles on average audio retards who barely know wtf theyre doing? absolutely
thats only 20dB if you mean by a factor of 10

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