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i think you could prob do a foot d-pad and menus
like, wide pedal with a toe hook
theyre already using foot switches
and maybe most use autodarks
those have switches on the handle
point is theres already switches attached to big clunky mechanicals

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i bet 800 by 480 would be enough
like across the back of a welding lens

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you can use your other foot to work the graphic
i mean realistically, you could prob sell a foot UI idea
right i think torch UI and voice UI could be secondary
but like, bare minimum thing, something that just displayed edge detection filter graphic that went away when you sparked would be useful
you could do it monochrome
i dont even think it would need a lot of resulution to be useful for most work

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i think once you strike you prob dont need to much positional AR
like, you could display current or maybe an dim IR map overlay
like, my concern would be lining up the AR with the actual image
for striking, as long as you have some edges and the welding tip in the same graphic, you should be good even if it doesnt line up
i mean you cant see enough to see it doesnt line up, so if it off a few degrees, doesnt matter
like, you would have to just trust the AR overlay for striking, and get used to the visual location jumping once you can see with arc light
yeah i think it would be very hard to make it work for actual welding
right some people wouldnt give a fuck
just weld with the doubled visuals and use all the info
right but welding helmets are usually loose and kind of wobble
and i dont think adjusting can happen while welding

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its got to already be a thing
is video not loading for you guys? just blank here
but yeah a display that overlaid edge detection would be cool
yeah because its either that or a little cam to the side
unless youre welding remote with some sort of fixture
like, you have a cam but where you put the display where its not nuts to look at it??

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would just need peel offs for the lens
prob a foggy lens on a cam better than through shields w/o an arc
they could just make little shields for the cam
could be the same CR39 stuff they use for the helmet shield covers
like, they already make this shit
ac-130u: right but its already an issue with the helmet optics and they just use cheap plastic shields
CR39 is opaque to UV
its what my non-mirrored sunglasses lenses are made out of
no i guess some stuff is only like, foggy
but yeah, welding peoples already got this sorted
they would just have to make camera size shields

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need more focus than typical reflector but yeah, you cant look at that shit
seems about the right brightness
yeah i used to do that a lot with my hps stuff
i think a 5 lens
because in dark room in tent
without something i just couldnt see
like, i had a darkroom in a dark room
4 i can kind of see in normal light
im surprised cameras arent a thing more
like boom scopes for rework

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the floodlight thing seems helpful
also obvious but i had never thought of it before
the welding booth in the labs ive been in are usually pretty dim
that sucks
i bet just some stars w/ lenses would work
like maybe 20w or 30w worth
yeah depends a lot on the lens and distance
i was thinking like 12" away but thats prob get ruined pretty quick
those are like the glass stick ones, no?
yeah those seem too small

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8 and 10 are like, blind

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i dont trust those things
normal spectrum cast fuck your shit up?
right but only thing thats good for is oxy fuel
dunno those are usually diffused
like looking into a 5w led for awhile prob fuck your shit up
close to point blank
gas one are like, 5 i think?
least you can make out objects and edges

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ha, def gonna depend on the machine
like, its gonna widen up and back unless your shit is god rigid
most knee mills would be fine
yeah i bet if you avoid the tip drill theyll work fine if youre holding half the shank
welding isnt too loud
heh, how did you find that out?
i thought those were like, arc powered
they have batteries?
maybe they have caps

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i should do a laundry

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haha @ guy in forground looking at truck
completely calm

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im happy to not know

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late 80s, early 90s, crazy detailed two tone shading, no cg

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yeah these videos have no ending
there is no hook
that style is best style

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pretty sure dmv doesnt give a fuck how you paint your car
and they probably dont care that much how you intepret the color of your car
like if you cover it in pasta, im pretty sure they would be fine with 'yellow'
i cant read the popup i dont know what to do
JA, blahblahblahblabha
i prob have a keylogger now

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why not?
rattle can flat black looks okay if youre not an idiot about it
or just flat clear coated primer
yeah but then you have to like bake the car
then shake it up?
her implimentation is shit, but flat black on some cars is sex
#1 240z/280z style

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well, its got the end plates
i would call that a belt tracking system
wait is that one side not bent up?
oh thats just a shield i guess, not bent

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i gotta design a machine like right now
i have like 10 hours
well 12 if i ditch us gov but i did that all last week

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you of all people shouldnt be valueing your time at zero
waking up at 1am is disorienting

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blackmoon: yeah with a switch, for sure

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blackmoon: so funny thing about the beepers
theyre usually set somewhere between like 2 and 10 ohms to beep
which means when you check some terminals to see which is connected to the ground side of the speaker, on a 4ohm woofer, most DMM will beep
poor scope ground

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