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i need another sidescam
a/v tech boss left and left his friends kid as assistant
i should ask for hours again
rab: ive become so good at tearing down bikes that weve run out of work
its like that cnc job
but like, i get to take shit apart without worrying about putting it back together
more like therapy than work

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but thats what i was doing
like, multiple searches of similar things to get into all the subcats
and then middle clicking like a dozen parts in a table
then moving to next tab after it loads
it was not pleased
im just like, but these are the tools you gave me i dont want it to be this way
im pretty sure the previous implimentation you couldnt even link by part

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im pretty sure mcmaster thought i was a bot
because i was prob like, click per second or two for 30 minutes
like, ill open in another tab and keep searching for alternatives or next part
digikey just felt broken, like i flipped some flag on my acct doing something with the cart linked part page after a timeout
timecop: cp2105 is new sexy part?
seems like it, i was going to just buy the $8 silabs module but they didnt use the 2102 with dtr so fuck them no moneys
rab: theres some way to do it but i forgot and its hackey
pretty sure the table pages will just let you middle click
right the top level search is a bit fucked
but its way better than it used to be

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guys digikey was sending my to blocked page and all the imaged were gone
but then it stopped
i wonder if its like when mcmaster was like, YOU ARE SEARCH TO MUCH GO TAKE BREAK

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jero32: did you figure out the rotate in schematic thing?
you have to select and rotate
you cant select then pick up the part then rotate
but im pretty sure you can mirror X and Y while moving the part around
and it doesnt do that dicktrace shit where all the multi selected parts just dance around their part origins

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its not like babies are required

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why i says panasonic FM or FC
FC is cheaper, higher capacity, esr is only heroic, FM is esr for gods
if those dont wont, you prob need some GPU type caps, very spendy, usually smd
*dont work
everybody did
debating if i should add extra electrolytic caps to a design
or just keep it like <1uF and keep the splody caps in the mean well PSU
yeah i think im going to put pads for a lot of short ones
everything except the LED circuits is linear regulated

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