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blackmoon: neat

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that eggsalad is one deep mfkr

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nicotine or thc or what?
i do both i guess
but nicotine i just do unflavored 100% VG, so not very normal

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eggsalad: naw that guy dead, dont have to say no to lunch with him anymore
doubt it

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like a tilt system that tracked the bottom of your feet and make where you step was "level" with virtual horizontal plane, would feel super real
burny: thats why moon said make it big like a room
at least then it can keep you away from walls
eggsalad: i think thats just lakitu
eggsalad: bar of what
eggsalad: no thats make sense

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so drop the virtual reality bullshit, and just go for a gaming experience, and w/o tilt to simulate force youre basically giving the player a feeling of super strength
for correct feel, you would have to tilt back to compensate for motor assisting the legs, so basically walking uphill
just while you accel
i wonder if the space between the belts is nylon or delrin
tecan: i meant the X/Y treadmill
i think your system could work perfect with a fuckton of cables and a semi-ridig frame
like an exoskeleton but without integrated drive mechanisms
the problem with how that feels is you would feel the force on the surfaces of your body

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it wouldnt feel real
not without tilt
it would just feel like you are slipping
but i mean, if it keeps you from running into walls, thats cool
well the issue is you dont need to excert force to move your own mass
just your legs
everything would feel too easy by a factor of maybe 3 or 4
like, it would feel cool but it wouldnt feel correct
and if you got used to it, it could make moving around after the experience feel more exhausting
like, the other perspective is you would be able to 'run' as fast as you could swing your legs
so its a mechanical way of giving you in game athletics above what you would normally work with

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as an 80s kid, basically any calculator looks like cheap trash to me
fuck this poli sci class

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yeah bass in that song is neat

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the song or the album?

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rab: yeah i just did model number and dmm into image search, safe search off
all manga and pixelation
tho the calculator dmm did show up
the regular dmm looks sexy as fuck

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pretty sure the DC thing for magnetics makes sense
rab: noooo
ive never seen a sum key like that
i think they just reused the volume symbols from something
heh @ making shift the transfer key
how do you shift then?
oh shift key is now F key
3207 dmm is all japanese porn wtf

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so are you hitting the 220hz string with 440?

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okay but youre not explaining why its doing the thing its doing
what is this then
all of them?
shrug, so it all interferes to 220hz
im assuming it vibrates tham all at once and not individually

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you mean like
only the positive half of a 440 sine?
shrug, something has broken if thats actually happened
like youve raised resonance and the woofer is tripping over itself
if youre not testing at just a watt or so, pretty much all the thielle small parameters are out the window
getting actual DC to the woofer, you would have higher average resonant frequency
shrug, midwoofer, midler, mid, whatever

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youre basically pole vaulting with the coupling caps
yeah thats something wrong
like maybe your 220 reference has a ton of 2nd harmonic

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12:57:05 < efexx> you would get a drop of the frequency by 1/2 I think
DC will pretension the suspension, decreasing compliance, increasing resonance frequency, decreasing sensitivity
you would also have assymetric non linearities
and i havent read enough scroll to know the exact DC situation
and my bacon is prob burning bbl
efexx: what freq?
resonance? rolloff?
also do you mean at the amplifier output?
or at the system input?
any modern audio system is just going to AC couple it towards the middle
there are production tricks
where you run a signal with tons of headroom, forcing the amplifier hot
and then you give this signal a DC offset
the result is you can get a unipolar pulse *greater* than dBFS would dictate

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