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no idea
i dont think i even installed the twit app on this phone
nice, assman doesnt give even close to full dimensions on their db9 drawing, and no panel cutout drawing
but they give you a 3d file
theyre even light on dims for inspection drawings, cant QA with this
like, they give the db socket angle but not the radius
no body dims either

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timecop: ?

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timecop: itll export some sort of solids file i can solidworks with?
prob too late to save me trouble of modeling a db9 connector
both db9 connectors

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sculptor: its not imp.
i am hungry but i am too tired to bike to store or clean so i can cook
timecop: i paypal these altium people money and nothing
its like a person has to show up and email me manually

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boss kid at work gave me bunch of junk from his industrial internship
1400w variac, short but super heavy duty linear stage, some random pneumatic...
and this strange thing is maybe a brushless motor, gearbox, and screwdrive linear actuator
strange brushless thing is like > 12 in long, 4x8 in around, weighs a ton

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slave drivers

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timecop: should have a brake, could just impliment as a reverse
sim racing easy style, hold brake and when you are stopped it will start going backwards
divxdude: right for brushless you need to know position to drive it correct
else you get hops at startup

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