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blackmoon: this doesnt, doesnt hand standoff holes either
but has so many pins, board to board with pin header connectors aint doing nowhere
like, spinny heath STM32DISCO is just held on with pin header friction, shit aint going nowhere
isnt it fucked up and not on normal grid spacing?
its 33 + 33!
i think i need sleeps

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i basically did the thing like, arduino is more expensive, is not fast or 32b, has no dma
he got a bunch of these step controllers donated, and they use this MIT scratch based scripting
except its a real shit implimentation of scratch, like, wtf mem allocation error, bitch i didnt malloc youre making play with colors and shapes
like, we all have a semester of asm and a semester of c on cortex-m, why are we doing automation for kidnergartners
anyway, i put work and now people like, wow, so i try and get them to buy a bunch and use them
im just going to tell him to get an F4

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timecop: got automations professor interested in stm32 and microcontrollers
like he mentions summer project, so im going to try and get him to do microstepping motor drive
like, step dir input, and drive a cheapo ST dual H bridge module we use in class
everyone super impressed with spinny death and this LCD + diffused LED user interface thing i did
like, mofos these things asleep half the time they barely trying

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haha @ dick brake
k be careful

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rab: beep
i think im going to build bike motor thing into t-slot extrusion framing
because i have it and its awesome
like, have a motor mount plate that bolts to side, then have gear train on a wheel spindle through the extrusion
bolt some plates on the end to do a seat clamp
and then fix the gear train axel to the wheel hub with some 2" aluminum C channel
i want to do a gates beld drive to a disc brake sprocket
but i prob just hack a chain sprocket to the disk brake mount
sculptor: i want to do regeneration eventually
and e brakes
i really want a gates belt dick brake mount sprocket, but theyre $100 =(
i want to go fast
haha @ fast old people
i can see how that can cause problems

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rab: i hopped around, i think it is an aluminum foil knife

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