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blackmoon: pics

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dont think so
i have that trim pot, big giant knobs
anyway i dont see him using a pot on a design but who knows

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fuck university educations we just need to send engineer sprouts to audio companies

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my thing has 12 direct drive 5mm LEDs on 3904
but they are cree and the drafting paper diffusers and foam light baffles make then look neat
theyre like, 20mA test, even with two layers of the diffuser shit, the ones im testing at 10mA are kind of too bright at 1/4 duty
i prob do 5mA and switch them 6x2
some professors like :O im like zzzzzz

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i just got 86'd from a bar after 3 sips of beer because i bumped a wall in a crowded hallway
literally like 10 students like, yo he couldnt have been drinking before weve all been doing presentations together last 3 hours
like, i think i chose the wall instead of people
i wasnt drunk!
but i had sprinted on bike for maybe 2 miles

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